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Workshop and Exhibition on MPEG-4

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Message from the Organizers of MPEG-4 Workshop and Exhibition

The IEEE CAS Society has been very active in promoting technical activities related to video and multimedia in the past. In order to expand its effort in this area, a new distinctive form of technical activity has been initiated in conjunction with the annual IEEE ISCAS. With the overwhelming support from the MPEG-4 Industrial Forum and ISCAS 2000, we are proud to announce the very first such technical activity - Workshop and Exhibition on MPEG-4 .

MPEG-4 is the new standard produced by the MPEG committee. It follows the successful MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 standards that have triggered the digital revolution in the audio and video field. MPEG-4 blends the audio and video compression technologies of its predecessors with those of the web and 3D graphics. This means extending the object-based interactivity of web pages to audio and video, adding efficiency and real-time behaviour to VRML spaces, and allowing combinations of natural and synthetic content. MPEG-4 is a generic technology. It can be used in such diverse environments as the web, mobile and television and is actually being exploited for each of these fields by a range of companies.

The MPEG-4 Industry Forum is a new initiative that picks up where ISO MPEG's work ends. In the Forum, industrial players gather to jointly promote and further the adoption of the MPEG-4 standard. One of the Forum's first activities is addressing the difficult yet important issue of licensing. Another activity is the organization of the MPEG-4 Workshop and Exhibition at ISCAS 2000. Already over 200 participants have joined the so far rather informal Forum, representing both well-known MPEG players and newcomers, who share their vision of MPEG-4's rich possibilities.

On behalf of the organizing committee of the MPEG-4 Workshop and Exhibition, we welcome you to this event.

Program of MPEG-4 Workshop and Exhibition

Leonardo Chiariglione
Rob Koenen

Ming L. Liou