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The printed proceedings come in 5 volumes and were available at the conference in Geneva. For any orders after the conference, please contact the IEEE, which carries this publication in its IEEE Book Broker program.


The CD-ROM proceedings contain the information of the 5 volumes of printed proceedings and additionally the contents of the final program. All papers are available electronically in PDF format and are full text searchable. For inquiries concerning orders of the CD-ROM after the conference, please contact the IEEE.

We have devoted a considerable effort assuring that the paper files are viewable on a large number of platforms. Please understand that we were not able to test all possible configurations. If you do experience problems, the following hints might help you:

Hints for getting the most out of your CD-ROM:

  • We have had word that some users were not able to correctly view or print papers on the CD-ROM. If you are affected, please be sure to follow the indications in the README.TXT on the CD-ROM regarding supported platforms. Also, some files print correctly only if the option "print as image" in Acrobat is selected. If you continue to have problems with missing fonts etc., please consider trying to view/print the PDF file with GhostScript/GSView which sometimes fixes problems.

  • If you find that the paper you are interested in is not viewable on your hardware, please consider contacting the authors for a version that works for you. All authors were asked to provide e-mail contact information on their papers.

For the following papers, an updated version that fixes print quality problems is available: 

Thomas Schimming
ISCAS 2000 Publications Chair