ISCAS 2000 Advance Program - Papers by Tracks

1 Analog Circuits and Signal Processing

1.1 Analog circuits and filters

A Real Frequency Technique Optimising Broadband Equalizer Elements
Thomas R. Cuthbert Jr.
A Novel CMOS Four Quadrant Multiplier based on Linearization of the Long Tail Differential Pair
Aly M. Ismail , Ahmed M. Soliman
An IF Stage Design For An ASK-based Wireless Telemetry System
Ramesh Harjani , Oyvind Birkenes , Jonghae Kim
On Designing Linearly-tunable Ultra-Low Voltage CMOS gm-C FILTERS
Jader A. De Lima , Carlos Dualibe
High Dynamic Range Double-Balanced Active Mixers Using Lossless Feedback
Chris Trask
1.7 GHz Bipolar Optoelectronic Receiver Using Conventional 0.8um BiCMOS Process
George Halkias , Nikos Haralabidis , Efstathios D. Kyriakis-Bitzaros , Stavros Katsafouros
A 1GHz CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier for Chip-to-Chip Optical Interconnects
Nikos Haralabidis , Stavros Katsafouros , George Halkias
LEAPFROG-type Filters that Retain the Topology of the Prototype Ladder Filters
Nikos Fragoulis , Ioannis Haritantis
Generation of Accurate On-Chip Time-Constants Using a Monolithic CMOS PLL With Hybrid Analog and Digital Control
Angus McLaren , Ken Martin
Cross Coupled Transconductance Cell with Improved Linearity Range
Brent J. Maundy , Ivars G. Finvers , Peter Aronhime
Current-mode Non Linear Bulding Blocks
Spiridon Vlassis , Stilianos Siskos
A Switched-capacitor DSB to SSB Converter Using a Recursive Hilbert Transformer with Sampling Rate Reduction
Jose Gabriel R. Gomes , Antonio Petraglia
A Low-Offset Class-AB CMOS Operational Amplifier
Pak K. Chan , Liter Siek , Hwee C. Tay , Jing H. Su
A High-Swing MOS Cascode Bias Circuit for Operation at any Current Level
Volney C. Vincence , Carlos G. Montoro , Marcio C. Schneider
Sizing of MOS Transistors for Amplifier Design
Rodrigo L. Oliveira Pinto , Marcio C. Schneider , Carlos G. Montoro
A CMOS Laser Driver with Independently Adjustable DC and Modulation Currents for Data Rates up to 2.5Gb/s
Nikos Haralabidis , George Halkias
A Jitter Suppression Technique for a 2.48832-Gb/s Clock and Data Recovery Circuit
Kiyoshi Ishii , Keiji Kishine , Haruhiko Ichino
A 1.5V linear transconductor with wide bandwidth and wide input and output signal swings
Jaime Ramírez-Angulo , Ramón G. Carvajal , Antonio J. Torralba , Juana M. Martínez-Heredia
A 1.8-GHz CMOS VCO Tuned by an Accumulation-Mode MOS Varactor
Pietro Andreani , Sven Mattisson
A High-Q and Wide-Dynamic-Range CMOS IF Bandpass Filter for Monolithic Receivers
Y. W. Choi , Howard C. Luong
Oscillator Design Efficiency: A New Figure of Merit for Oscillator Benchmarking
Johan D. Van der Tang , Dieter Kasperkovitz
A Tunable CMOS Square-Root Domain Oscillator
Antonio J. Lopez-Martin , Alfonso Carlosena
A High Speed Differential to Single-Ended Amplifier for Instrumentation Applications
Doug Dean , Ramesh Harjani
VLSI CMOS Low-Voltage Log Companding Filters
Francisco Serra-Graells
BiCMOS Current Conveyor: Design and Application
Mohamed A. Yakout , AbdelFattah I. AbdelFattah , Ayman S. Elbazz
A Fully Balanced Programmable Sample-Hold Amplifier for Low-Voltage Applications
Fathi A. Farag , Marcio C. Schneider , Carlos G. Montoro
Highly Linear Variable Gain Amplifiers with Programmable Temperature Compensation for CDMA Wireless Applications
Hyunchol Shin , Dong-Jin Keum , Jin-Sub Choi , Duck-Young Jung , Byeong-Ha Park
Analysis on an Alternative Structure of Damping-Factor-Control Frequency Compensation
Ka Nang Leung , Philip K. Mok , Wing-Hung Ki , Johnny K. Sin
A Low-Voltage Fully-Differential Current-Mode Analog CMOS Integrator Using Floating-Gate MOSFETs
Takahiro Inoue , Hideo Nakane , Yuuji Fukuju , Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio
New Multiple Input Fully Differential Variable Gain CMOS Instrumentation Amplifier
Antonio J. Gano , Jose E. Franca
A 1.5-V Supply, Video Range Frequency, Gm-C Filter
Armin Tajalli , Mojtaba Atarodi , Akbar Adibi
Q-Enhancing Technique for RF CMOS Active Inductor
Uroschanit Yodprasit , Jitkasame Ngarmnil
Ultra lowvoltage floating-gate analog multiplier tunable linearity
Yngvar Berg , Řivind Nćss , Mats Hřvin
Novel Universal active Block: A Universal Current Conveyor
Daniel Becvar , Kamil Vrba , Vaclav Zeman , Vladislav Musil
A Universal Analytic Charge Injection Model
Youngwang Ding , Ramesh Harjani
C-Log Domain Filters
Douglas R. Frey
Improved Design Criteria of Gain-Boosted CMOS OTA With High Speed Optimizations
Mrinal Das , Jim Hellums
A Low-Power Low-Voltage Transceiver Architecture suitable for Wireless Distributed Sensors Network
Alain S. Porret , Thierry Melly , Christian C. Enz , Eric A. Vittoz
A CMOS Adaptive Offset Cancellation Mixer for Direct Conversion Receivers at 2.4GHz
Mark Lehne , John T. Stonick , Un-Ku Moon
A true low-voltage CMOS class AB current mirror
Salvatore Pennisi , Giuseppe Palmisano
Analog CMOS Current Mode Neural Primitives
Francesco Diotalevi , Maurizio Valle , Gian Marco Bo , Enrico Biglieri , Daniele D. Caviglia
A Folded Floating-Gate Differential Pair for Low-Voltage Applications
Bradley A. Minch
A Solution for Minimizing Phase Noise in Low-Power Resonator-Based Oscillators
HongMo Wang
A Novel Design Using Translinear Circuit for Linear LINC Transmitters
Bo Shi , Lars Sundstrom
Complete Nonlinear Model for the MRC (MOS Resistive Circuit)
Eva Vidal , Sonia Porta , Herminio Martínez , Eduard Alarcón , Alberto A. Poveda
A Low-Power High-Linearity CMOS Baseband Filter for Wideband CDMA Applications
Chunlei Shi , Yue Wu , Hassan O. Elwan , Mohammed Ismail
Optimizing bandwidth power efficiency of a CMOS transconductor
Ning Guo , Rabin Raut
Different Operational Transconductance Amplifier topologies for obtaining very small transconductances
Anand Veeravalli , Edgar Sanchez-sinencio , Jose Silva-Martinez
A Novel CMOS Fully Differential Inductorless RF Bandpass Filter
yue wu , Mohammed Ismail , Häkan Olsson
Current Tuneable CMOS Transconductor for Filtering Applications
Jean-Charles Voghell , Mohamad Sawan
Single Chip Implementation of the 1.6Kbps Speech Vocoder
Jhing F. Wang , Jia C. Wang , Han C. Chen
A Novel Class A CMOS Current Conveyor
Sohrab Emami , Kazuyuki Wada , Shigetaka Takagi , Nobuo Fujii
An Accurate Self-Bias Threshold Voltage Extractor Using Differential Difference Feedback Amplifier
Ugur Cilingiroglu , Siew Kuok Hoon
Power Saving Technique for MOS Differential Amplifiers
Kyoichi Takenaka , Kazuyuki Wada , Shigetaka Takagi , Nobuo Fujii
A 2-V 900-MHz CMOS Mixer for GSM Receivers
Toby K. Kan , Howard C. Luong
A 2W BTL Single-Chip Class-D Power Amplifier with Very High Efficiency for Audio Application
Jun-woo Lee , Jae-shin Lee , Gun-sang Lee , Suki Kim
A Fully-Programmable Temperature-Compensated Analogue Circuit for Gaussian Functions
Miguel Melendez-Rodriguez , Jose Silva-Martinez
Design and Optimization of a Low Noise 2.4GHz CMOS VCO with Integrated LC Tank and MOSCAP Tuning
Donhee Ham , Ali Hajimiri
High-linearity low-voltage self-cascode class AB CMOS current output stage
Ali Zeki , Hakan Kuntman
A Low-IF, Polyphase Receiver for DECT
Brian J. Minnis , Paul A. Moore , Adrian W. Payne , Alan J. Davie , Nigel P. Greer
Filter Families with Minimu Impulse Response Moments
Mladen Vucic , Hrvoje I. Babic
A 1-MHZ 7TH-Order Continuoous-time Lowpass Filter Using Very Low Distortion CMOS OTAS
Eitake Ibaragi , Akira Hyogo , Keitaro Sekine
High-frequency CMOS low-power single-branch continuous-time filters
Andrea Baschirotto , Ugo Baschirotto , Rinaldo Castello
A 3.3V CMOS line-driver for serial bus
Andrea Baschirotto , Giovanni Frattini
A Dynamic-Translinear Fully-Integrated Highly-Directional Hearing Aid Adapter
Daniel Rocha , Wouter A. Serdijn
Identifying Translinear Loops in the Circuit Topology
Rafael Vargas-Bernal , Arturo Sarmiento-Reyes , Wouter A. Serdijn
A low-voltage sqr-root Floating-gate MOS Integrator
Esther O. Rodriguez , Alberto Yufera , Adoracion Rueda
Novel Voltage-Regulating Circuit for Low-Voltage and Low-Power OTA Realization Using MOSFET's in The Non-Saturation Region
Takahide Sato , Kazuyuki Wada , Shigetaka Takagi , Nobuo Fujii
High-Linear Class AB Transconductor for High-Frequency Applications
Gianluca Giustolisi , Giuseppe Palmisano , Salvatore Pennisi
A gm-C Floating-Gate MOS Integrator
Esther O. Rodriguez , Alberto Yufera , Adoracion Rueda
A 1.5V CMOS VGA Based On Pseudo-Differential Structures
Michael M. Green , Sridevi R. Joshi
A Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum Super-Regenerative Receiver
Francesc X. Moncunill , Orestes Mas , Pere Palŕ
Floating-Gate based Tunable CMOS Low-Voltage Linear Transconductor and its application to HF GM-C filter design
Fernando Muńoz , Antonio J. Torralba , Ramón G. Carvajal , Jon N. Tombs , Jaime Ramírez-Angulo
Two New VHF Tunable CMOS Low-Voltage Linear Transconductors and their application to HF GM-C filter design
Fernando Muńoz , Antonio J. Torralba , Ramón G. Carvajal , Jaime Ramírez-Angulo
A Fully Parallel CMOS Analog Median Filter
Alejandro Díaz-Sánchez , Jaime Ramírez-Angulo , Antonio Lopez , Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio
A Programmable Rail-to-Rail Constant-Gm Input Structure for LV Amplifier
Shouli Yan , Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio
A Novel Tuning Technique for Distributed Voltage Controlled Oscillators
Hui Wu , Ali Hajimiri
V-I converters with transconductance proportional to bias current in any technology
Vladimir I. Prodanov
Low Power /Low Voltage High Speed CMOS Differential Track and Latch Comparator with Rail-to-Rail Input
Christian Fayomi , Gordon W. Roberts
Design of a Frequency Tuning Circuit Used in IFLF Filters
David H. Chiang , Rolf Schaumann
Design Techniques for Low-voltage VHF BiCMOS Transconductance-C Filters with Automatic Tuning
Tsung-Sum Lee , Chun-Chieh Liu
On the exact realisation of LC ladder finite transmission zeros in log-domain: a theoretical study
Emmanuel M. Drakakis , Alison J. Payne
Approximate process-parameter dependent symbolic determination of harmonic distortion in log-domain : the lossy integrator case-study
Emmanuel M. Drakakis , Alison J. Payne
A 1.2 V Bandgap Reference Based on Transimpedance Amplifier
Yueming Jiang , Edward K. Lee
A Compact CMOS 2V Low-Power Direct-Conversion Quadrature Modulator merged with Quadrature Voltage-Controlled Oscillator and RF Amplifier for 1.9GHz RF
Hong-Sing Kao , Chung-Yu Wu
Enhancing dynamic range in differntial log-domain filters based on the two-filters approach
Robert M. Fox
The Design And Analysis of A RF CMOS Bandpass Filter
Yuyu Chang , John Choma, Jr.
The New CMOS 2V Low-power if Fully Differential Rm-C Bandpass amplifier for RF Wireless Receivers
Chung-Yu Wu , Yu Cheng , Geng Gong
A High-Speed Four-Channel Integrated Optical Receiver Array Using SiGe HBT technology
Sung Min Park , Chris Toumazou , Christos Papavassiliou
Synthesis of Continuous-Time Linear Systems with Minimum L2-Sensitivity
Takao Hinamoto , Takuya Inoue
A new low-voltage charge pump circuit for PLL
Robert C. Chang , Lung-Chih Kuo
A Novel Low-Voltage Operational Transconductance Amplifier and its Applications
Xuguang Zhang , Brent J. Maundy , Ezz I. El-Masry , Ivars G. Finvers
A rail-to-rail, constant-gm, 1-volt CMOS Opamp
Faramarz Bahmani , Seid M. Fakhraie , Ali Khakifirooz
A Charge-Pump-Controlled MOSFET-C Single-Amplifier Biquad
Hanspeter Schmid , George S. Moschytz
Transformation Methods for Reducing Sensitivities of Current-mode CCII-Based Filters
Serdar Ozoguz , Cevdet Acar , Ali Toker
Transitional Filters Based on the Clasical Polynomial Approximations
Aurencio S. Farias , Sidnei Noceti Filho , Rui Seara
A Design Methodology for Active-boostrapped
Omid Oliaei
Tunable Ultralow-voltage Transconductance Amplifier and Gmc-C filter
Řivind Nćss , Yngvar Berg
Design of a Low-Voltage, Low-Power, Wide-Tuning Integrated Oscillator
Ting Yu K. Lin , Alison J. Payne

1.2 Switched capacitor/current techniques

Dynamic Analog Resonator-Based Adaptive Filters
Tertulien Ndjountche , Rolf Unbehauen , Fa-Long Luo
A CMOS Low Sensitivity Switched-Capacitor Video Filter
Jorge M. Canive , Jose Gabriel R. Gomes , Antonio Petraglia
Low-Sensitivity Direct-Form IIR SC Filters With Improved Phase Linearity
Jacqueline S. Pereira , Antonio Petraglia
Gain- and offset-compensated non-inverting SC circuits
Xiao J. Shi , Hiroki Matsumoto , Kenji Murao
Switched-capacitors Versus Switched-currents: A theoretical Comparison
John B. Hughes , Apisak Worapishet , Chris Toumazou
Low-voltage Class AB Two-step Sampling Switched-currents
Apisak Worapishet , John B. Hughes , Chris Toumazou
A 3.3V switched-Current Second Order Sigma-Delta Modulator for Audio applications
Mourad Loulou , Dominique Dallet , Philippe Marchegay
Very Low-Voltage Fully Differential Amplifier for Switched-Capacitor Applications
Mohamed A. Dessouky , Andreas Kaiser
Efficient Common-mode Feedback Circuits for Pseudo-differential switched-capacitor Stages
Lei Wu , Mustafa Keskin , Un-ku Moon , Gabor C. Temes
Efficient Error-cancelling Algorithmic ADC
Zhilliang Zheng , Un-ku Moon , Gabor C. Temes
A 1V 1.2µW 4th order bandpass switched-opamp SC filter for a cardiac pacer sensing stage
Andrea Baschirotto , Domenico Bijno , Rinaldo Castello , Federico Montecchi
Switched-Current Biquad Using Differential, Double-Sampling, Forward/Backward Difference Integrators
Markus Helfenstein , Jari P. Curty , George S. Moschytz
A Method for Reducing the Variation in
Adrian K. Ong , Vladimir I. Prodanov , Maurice Tarsia
Periodical Nonuniform Individually Sampled Switched-Capacitor Circuits
Jose L. Ausin , Juan F. Duque-Carrillo , Guido Torelli , Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio , Franco Maloberti
Current Mirror Compensation for Transistor Mismatch
Chris Taillefer , Chunyan Wang
A Linear-phase Halfband SC Video Interpolation Filter with Coefficient-sharing and Spread-reduction
Seng-Pan U , Rui P. Martins , Jose E. Franca
Linearity Enhancement Techniques for MOSFET_ONLY SC Circuits
Kritsapon Leelavattananon , Chris Toumazou , John B. Hughes
A Switched-Capacitor DAC with Analog Mismatch Correction
Un-Ku Moon , Jose Silva , Jesper Steensgaard , Gabor C. Temes
Design of 1V Switched-current Cells in Standard CMOS Process
Saroj Rout , Edward K. Lee
Thermal Noise Analysis of Multi-input sc-Integrators for Delta-Sigma Modulator Design
Omid Oliaei

1.3 Analog and mixed signal processing

A Novel Mixed-Mode Adaptive Equalization System for High-Speed 2-Level PAM Signals
Derek H. Tam , Wai Tung Ng
A Very Wide-Band 14Bit, 1GS/s Track-and-Hold Amplifier
Dongwon Seo , Andrew C. Weil , Milton Feng
A Triple 8b, 80 MSPS, 3.3 V Graphics Digitizer
Irfan A. Chaudhry , Sung U. Kwak , Gabriele Manganaro , Maher Sarraj , Lakshmi T. Viswanathan
High-Speed Wide-Locking Range VCO with Frequency Calibration
Takeo Yasuda
A DLL based 10 ~ 320Mhz Clock Synchronizer
Sung-Sik Hwang , Ki-Mo Joo , Ho-Jin Park , Jae-Whui Kim , Philip Chung
A Field-Programmable Mixed-Signal Array Architecture Using Antifuse Interconnects
R. T. Edwards , Kim Strohbehn , Steven E. Jaskulek
An Analog Correlator for a WCDMA Receiver
Marko T. Neitola , Timo E. Rahkonen
Solutions for image rejection CMOS LNA
Francesco Svelto , Giampiero Montagna , Stefano Deantoni , Giulio Braschi , Rinaldo Castello
Switched-Current SD Modulator for Baseband Channel Applications
Theodore Georgantas , Stamatis Bouras , Yannis Papananos , Dimitris Dervenis
Temperature Compensation Design For a 2.4GHz CMOS Low Noise Amplifier
yue wu , chunlei shi , Mohammed Ismail , Häkan Olsson
Noise-Tolerant Switched-Capacitor Time-Delay Measurement System for Micro-Fluidic Flow Sensing
Waisiu Law , Martin A. Afromowitz
Analog VLSI Design of Supervised-Learnable Neural Cell Using Switched-Current Techniques
Rany A. Tawfik , Aly H. Fahmy , Aly E. Salama
Phenomenological Model of False Lock in the Sampling Phase-Locked Loop
Béla A. Frigyik , Géza Kolumbán
Digital offset compensation of time-interleaved ADC using random chopper sampling.
Jan-Erik Eklund , Fredrik Gustafsson
Frequency Domain Analysis of Double Sampling Phase-locked Loop
Géza Kolumbán , Béla A. Frigyik , Michael P. Kennedy
Variable Resolution CMOS Current Mode Active Pixel Sensor
Jonathan Coulombe , Mohamad Sawan , Chunyan Wang
ADC Resolution Enhancement by an Analog Decorrelator
Amir Hadji-Abdolhamid , David A. Johns
Acquisition-time Minimization and Merged-capacitor Switching Techniques for Sampling-rate and Resolution Improvement of CMOS ADCs
Young-Deuk Jeon , Joon-Seok Lee , Seung-Chul Lee , Sang-Min Yoo , Seung-Hoon Lee
1.4V Suply, wide Swing, High Frequency CMOS Analogue Multiplier with High Current Efficiency
Jaime Ramírez-Angulo , Ramón G. Carvajal , Juana M. Martínez-Heredia
Design of a novel low-power 4th-order 1.7GHz CMOS frequency synthesizer for DCS-1800
Andreas Lehner , Ali Hajimiri , Herbert Eichfeld , Dieter Sewald , Robert Weigel
An Investigation on the Parameters affecting Total Harmonic Distortion in Class D Amplifiers
Meng-Tong Tan , Hock-Chuan Chua , Bah-Hwee Gwee , Joseph S. Chang
Edge-orientation enhancement using Optoelectronic VCLSI and Asynchronous pulse coding
Alyssa B. Apsel , Zaven K. Kalayjian , Andreas G. Andreou , George Simonis
Wideband digital correction of I and Q mismatch in quadrature radio receivers
Kongpang Pun , Jose E. Franca , Carlos A. Leme
Pulse Modulation Circuit Architecture and its Application to Functional Image Sensors
Atsushi Iwata , Makoto Nagata , Noriaki Takeda , Mitsuru Homma , Takashi Morie
Effect of DC Offset on Performance of Differentially Detected pi/4 DQPSK
Shengting Huang , John T. Stonick
A Sectored Receiver for Infra-red Wireless Networks
Luis N. Alves , Rui L. Aguiar , Eduardo Vasconcelos , José L. Cura
Integrated 64-state parallel analog Viterbi decoder
Kai He , Gert Cauwenberghs
An Analog Front-End Speech Processor Using the Ratio Spectrum
John G. Harris , Shao-Jen Lim
Synchrony Detection for Spike-Mediated Computation
Charles S. Wilson , Paul E. Hasler , Stephen P. DeWeerth
A CMOS General-Purpose Sampled-Data Analogue Microprocessor
Piotr Dudek , Peter J. Hicks

1.4 Data conversion and sigma-delta modulation

A 14Bit, 1GS/s Digital-To-Analog Converter with Improved Dynamic Performances
Dongwon Seo , Andrew C. Weil , Milton Feng
Sample-and-hold Amplifiers Perofrming Internal Antaliasinf Filtering and their Applications in Digital Receivers
Yefim S. Poberezhskiy , Gennadiy Y. Poberezhskiy
Continuous-time Noise-shaping Modulators with delay Elements
Luis Hernandez
A 3.3V 14-Bit 10MSPS Calibration-Free CMOS Pipelined A/D Converter
Seung-Bin You , Ku-Whan Lee , Hee Cheol Choi , Ho-Jin Park , Jae-Whui Kim , Philip Chung
A 1.4V 10-Bit 20MSPS Pipelined A/D Converter
Hee Cheol Choi , Ho-Jin Park , Shin-Kyu Bae , Jae-Whui Kim , Philip Chung
A 1mW 10-bit 500KSPS SAR A/D Converter
Jaejin Park , Ho-Jin Park , Jae-Whui Kim , Sangnam Seo
Analytic Limitations on Sigma-Delta Modulator Performance
Jeffrey N. Harrison , Neil E. Weste
The Design of a 1.5V, 10-Bit, 10Msamples/s Low Power Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converter
Jen-Shiun Chiang , Ming-Da Chiang
A 2.4V, 12mW Stereo Audio D/A Converter with Double Sampling Switching
Nam-Keul Kim , Wang-Seup Yeum , Jae-Whui Kim
Multirate-Multibit Sigma-Delta Modulators
Francisco Colodro , Antonio J. Torralba , Alfredo P. Vegaleal , Leopoldo G. Franquelo
A 70-MHz Continuous-time CMOS Band-pass Sigma-Delta Modulator for GSM Receivers
Issac Hsu , Howard C. Luong
On the effect of op-amp finite gain in Delta-Sigma modulators
Adrian L. Leuciuc , Cristian Mitrea
Design and Implementation of Application Specific Sigma-Delta A/D Converters
Harri A. Lampinen , Olli I. Vainio
Optimizing the Number of Parallel Channels and the Stage Resolution in Time Interleaved Pipeline A/D Converters
Lauri Sumanen , Mikko Waltari , Kari A. Halonen
Two-Step Quantization Architectures for Multibit Delta-Sigma Modulators
Saska J. Lindfors , Kari A. Halonen
Efficient analysis of the stability of Sigma-Delta modulators using wavelets
Martin Vogels , Georges Gielen
A Receiver Path Delta-Sigma Frequency to Digital Converter
Norm M. Filiol , Tom A. Riley , Miles A. Copeland , Calvin Plett
Cascaded Sigma-Delta ADC with Adaptive Interstage Coupling(AIC)
Xiaohong Sun , Kenneth R. Laker
RELIABLE Analysis of Sttling Errors in SC Integrators - Application to the Design of High-speed SD Modulators
Rocio Del Rio , Fernando Medeiro , Belen Perez-Verdu , Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez
SNDR Sensitivity Analysis for Cascaded Sigma Delta Modulator
James C. Morizio , Mike Hoke , Taskin Kocak , Clark Geddie , Chris Hughes , John Perry , Srinadh Madhavapeddi , Mike Hood , Yan Yang , Toshio Kumamoto , Takashi Okuda , Yasuo Morimoto
A Background Calibration Technique for Multibit Delta-Sigma Modulators
Craig S. Petrie , Matt R. Miller
Improved Adaptive Digital Compensation for Cascaded Delta-Sigma ADCs
Peter Kiss , Jose Silva , Un-Ku Moon , John T. Stonick , Gabor C. Temes
Optimum Laguerre Filter Design Technique for Sigma-Delta Demodulators
Saman S. Abeysekera , Xue Yao
Performance Optimization for High-Order Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Modulators with Extra Loop Delay
Louis Luh , John Choma , Jeffrey Draper
Vector Delta-Sigma Modulation with Integral Shaping of Hardware-Mismatch Errors
Dan P. Scholnik , Jeffrey O. Coleman
High-order Cascade Multibit SD Modulators for xDSL Applications
Rocio Del Rio , Fernando Medeiro , Belen Perez-Verdu , Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez
A dependent switched capacitor A/D converter for Farey series approximation
Gousuke Izawa , Toshimichi Saito , Hiroyuki Torikai
Digital Correction of Circuit Imperfections in Casaded Sigma-Delta Modulators Composed of First-Order Sections
Alan J. Davis , Godi Fischer , Hans-Heldge Albrecht , Juergen Hess
Integrating Data Converters for picoampere currents from electrochemical transducers
Madalina Breten , Torsten Lehmann , Erik Bruun
A Straightforward Design of Mismatch-Shaped Multi-bit Delta-Sigma D/A System
Zdzislaw Czarnul

2 General and Nonlinear Circuits and Systems

2.1 Linear and nonlinear circuits and systems

Maximum Principles for Node Voltages and Branch Currents in Transfinite Electrical Networks
Armen H. Zemanian
Voltage Reference Using Mutual Compensation of Mobility and Threshold Voltage Temperature Effects
Igor M. Filanovsky
Parabolic approximation: A new method for phase-to-amplitude conversion in sine-output direct digital frequency synthesizers
Amir M. Sodagar , G. Roientan Lahiji
Wave Digital Simulation of Electrical Networks containing Nonlinear Dynamical Elements - A New Approach
Dietrich Fränken
A Canonical Form for Discrete-time Systems Defined over Z+
Irwin W. Sandberg
Time-varying Linear Systems and Input-Output Stability
Irwin W. Sandberg
Parametric Model for 2-D Real Scattering Schur Polynomials
Anton Kummert
Reference Curves of the Pantograph Impedance in DC Railway Systems
Patrizia Ferrari , Andrea Mariscotti , Paolo Pozzobon
Recursive All-Lag Reference-Code Correlator and its Efficient Implementation
Tony T. Ng , Kun-Wah Yip , Chin-Long Cheng
Strongly Consistent Recursive Regression Estimation under Depended Observations
Kirill Chernyshov
Stability Regions of Non-hyperbolic Dynamical Systems: Theory and Optimal Estimation
Jaewook Lee , Hsiao-Dong Chiang
Averaging Method Via All Numerical Computation Applied to Weakly-Nonlinear Coupled Oscillator Systems
Akio Hasegawa , Tetsuro Endo
Effect of smooth non-linear distortion on OFDM BER
Chris van den Bos , Michiel H. Kouwenhoven , Wouter A. Serdijn
Dynamic Properties of a Multiway Arbiter
Anthony C. Davies
A system for chaos generation and its implementation in monolithic formA
AhmedAd E. Elwakil , Khaled N. Salama , Michael P. Kennedy
Boundary cells in cellular circuits for the minimisation of continuous functionals
Federico Bizzarri , Marco Storace , Mauro Parodi
Global nonlinear dynamics of second-order DPLL
Alexander Podgorny , Orla C. Feely
Haar Filtering with Pyramidal Resistive Networks
Radu P. Matei
A System Function Representation by Scale-shift Transform
Iwao Nagashiro , Toichi Machida
The Effects of Source Impedance on the Linearity of BJTCommon-emitter Amplifiers
Joel H. Vuolevi , Timo E. Rahkonen
Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Systems via Piecewise Linear Lyapunov Functions
Yuzo Ohta , Kenichiro Yamamoto
Stochastic Pulse Coded Arithmetic
Sergio L. Toral Marín , Jose M. Quero Reboul , Leopoldo G. Franquelo
Nonlinear Function Generation Using Oversampled SD-Modulators
Olaf Machul , Dirk Hammerschmidt , Dirk Weiler , Bedrich Hosticka
Active Filter Synthesis Based on Tuneable Log-demain Lossy - Integrators
Nikos Fragoulis , Ioannis Haritantis , George A. Constantinides
Nonlinear Dynamics of First-order DPLL with FM Input
Orla C. Feely
On the Analysis and Design of Second Order Harmonic Oscillators
Antonio Buonomo , Alessandro Lo Schiavo
A Prototyping Technique for Large-Scale RTD-CMOS Circuits
Mayukh Bhattacharya , Shriram Kulkarni , Alejandro Gonzalez , Pinaki Mazumder
A CNOT-Gate Implementation for Information Transfer by the Phonon Bus
Kai Pahlke , Lars Kronenberg , Wolfgang Mathis
Large Time-Step Integration Method For Modeling Of Oscillating Circuits
Vello Kukk
Two-rate computation of the periodic steady-state in RF-IC circuits
Florin Constantinescu , Miruna Nitescu
Impulse Sensitivity Functions of Oscillators
Thomas Falk , Wolfgang J. Schwarz
Circuit Analysis and Optimization with Automatically Derived Volterra Kernels
Andreas Bauer , Wolfgang J. Schwarz
Compactified Dynamics and Peaking
Efthimios Kappos
A Silicon Olfactory Bulb Oscillator
Vitor G. Tavares , Jose C. Principe , John G. Harris
Extending the CNN Paradigm to Approximate Chaotic Systems with Multivariable Nonlinearities
Paolo Arena , Luigi Fortuna , Alessandro Rizzo , Maria G. Xibilia
Feedforward Linearisation Applied to A Direct Carrier Modulation Transmitter
Mitchai Chongcheawchamnan , Mike J. Blewett , Ian D. Robertson
Direct Memory Access Frequency Synthesizer for Channel Efficiency Improvement in Frequency Hopping Communication
Chung M. Yuen , Kim Fung Tsang , Wai Hung Chan
Analysis of Border-Collision Bifurcation in the Simple Circuit
Takuji Kousaka , Takashi Kido , Tetsushi Ueta , Hiroshi Kawakami , Minoru Abe
Synthesis of Dynamic Multiple-Input Translinear Element Networks
Bradley A. Minch
Synchronization Phenomena in Coupled System of RC Transistor Oscillators
Seiichiro Moro , Tadashi Matsumoto
A network of relaxation oscillators based on Intermittently Coupled Capacitors
Fumitaka Komatsu , Hiroyuki Torikai , Toshimichi Saito
A search for a parsimonious basis sequence approximation of time-varying, nonlinear systems.
Matthew Green , Abdelhak M. Zoubir
Collisions between Two Phase-Inversion-Waves
Masayuki Yamauchi , Masahiro Wada , Yoshifumi Nishio , Akio Ushida
Gradient sensitivity reduction in current mirrors with non-rectangular layout structures
Mao-Feng Lan , Randall L. Geiger
Novel Design Technique for Highly Linear Current Mode Amplifiers.
Yuri M. Bruck , Michael Zelikson , Gennady Burdo

2.2 Linear and nonlinear circuit theory

zero-forcing equalizability of FIR and IIR multi-channel systems with and without perfect measurement
Erwei Bai , Zhi Ding
On explicit formulas for the solutions of nonlinear dynamic systems
Domine M. Leenaerts
A necessary condition for the realization of a resistive n-port based on network size
Gerald E. Subak-Sharpe , George P. H. Styan
Synthesis of multiple resonance networks
Antonio-Carlos M. De Queiroz
Identifications of Hasler's Classes of Linear Resistive Circuit Structures
Jaroslaw K. Cel
Proving asymptotic stability of equilibrium points of MOS transistor circuits
Michal Tadeusiewicz
Near-Carrier Oscillator Spectrum due to Flicker and White Noise
Gleb V. Klimovitch
Thermal Noise Behavior of a Nonlinear Bridge Circuit
Geoffrey J. Coram , Brian D.O. Anderson , John L. Wyatt, Jr.
Poisson and Gaussian Models for Noisy Devices
Geoffrey J. Coram , John L. Wyatt, Jr.
Properties of Smoothing with Time Gating
Mĺrten Sjöström

2.3 Chaos, bifurcation and applications

Chaos in Josephson Junction Circuits with Voltage-Dependent Supercurrent
Dmitry A. Altshuller
Bifurcation Phenomena in the Colpitts Oscillator: A Robustness Analysis
Oscar De Feo , Gian Mario Maggio
Bifurcation in Parallel-Connected Boost DC/DC Converters
Herbert H.C. Iu , Chi K. Tse
Data Encryption algorithms Using One-dimensional Chaotic Maps
Mieczyslaw Jessa
Mechanism for Taming Chaos by Weak Harmonic Perturbations
Naohiko Inaba , Takahiro Tamura , Juichi Miyamichi
Relationships between static bifurcations and constrained optima
Nicholas G. Maratos , Costas D. Vournas
Bifurcation and Bursting Response in Coupled Neural Oscillators
Tetsushi Ueta , Guanrong Chen
On the Effectiveness of Noise Reduction Methods in DCSK Systems
Zoltán Jákó , Gábor Kis
Determination of Main System Parameters of FM-DCSK Telecommunications System
Michael P. Kennedy
Multipath Performance of FM-DCSK Chaotic Communications System
Géza Kolumbán
Contributions to the analysis of second order piecewise linear systems with chaotic oscillations
Ubirajara F. Moreno , Pedro L. D. Peres , Ivanil S. Bonatti
Comparison of different chaotic maps with application to image watermarking
Athanasios Nikolaidis , Ioannis Pitas
The Jacobian elliptic Chebyshev Rational Maps can generate Squences of I.I.D. Random Variables
Tohru Kohda , Hiroshi Fujisaki
On Distributions of Correlaton Values of Spreading Sequences Based on Markow Information Sources
Tohru Kohda , Hiroshi Fujisaki
Projective noise reduction with dynamic neighborhood selection
Albert Kern , Daniel A. Blank , Ruedi Stoop
Statistical Analysis of Chaotic Markov Systems with Quantised Output
Marco Götz , Wolfgang J. Schwarz
Design of a Chaotic Generator Using Two CNN Cells Having Non Integer Order
Riccardo Caponetto , Luigi Fortuna , Mario Lavorgna , Domenico Porto
On partial synchronization of continuous and discrete-time coupled dynamical systems
Igor V. Belykh , Vladimir N. Belykh
Driving Cryptosystems with Hyperchaotic Signals: an Approach Involving Linear Observers
Giuseppe Grassi , Saverio Mascolo
On Complexity of Bifurcations for Some Classes of Systems with Simple Dynamics
Mikhail V. Shashkov
The Successive Occurrence of Torus Doubling
Munehisa Sekikawa
New results for estimation of Hausdorff dimension
Alexander Y. Pogromsky , Henk H. Nijmeijer
Bifurcation and Chaos of Chen's Equation
Tetsushi Ueta , Guanrong Chen
Non-average performance of chaos-based DS-CDMA: a tensor approach to analytical any-order correlation of spreading sequences
Riccardo Rovatti , Gianluca Mazzini , Gianluca Setti
Non-average performance of chaos-based DS-CDMA: driving
Gianluca Mazzini , Riccardo Rovatti , Gianluca Setti
On Basic Piecewise-Constant Systems
Tadashi Tsubone , Toshimichi Saito
A BiCMOS PDF Notch Circuit for FM-DCSK Communication over Selective Channels
Sergio Callegari , Riccardo Rovatti , Gianluca Setti , Gianluca Mazzini
Experimental Verification of Enhanced ElectromagneticCompatibility in Chaotic FM Clock Signals
Gianluca Setti , Michele Balestra , Riccardo Rovatti
On Synchronization Phenomena in Chaotic Systems Coupled by Transmission Line
Junji Kawata , Yoshifumi Nishio , Akio Ushida
Multiplexing Chaotic Signals in the Presence of Noise
Yuri V. Andreyev , Alexander S. Dmitriev , Elena V. Efremova
Control of bifurcation in current-programmed dc/dc converters: A reexamination of slope compensation
Chi K. Tse , Yuk M. Lai
A Double Crisis-Induced Intermittency in a Forced PLL Equation
Wataru Ohno , Tetsuro Endo
Bifurcation Control in an Underactuated Pendulum
Diego M. Alonso , Eduardo E. Paolini , Jorge L. Moiola
Chaotic behavior of 741 opamps subjected to EMI conveyed to power supply rails
Zsolt M. Kovacs Vajna , Emilio Sardini , Nicolo Speciale
On Cyclic Fold Bifurcations in Nonlinear Systems
Guillermo L. Calandrini , Daniel W. Berns , Eduardo E. Paolini , Jorge L. Moiola

2.4 Distributed circuits and systems

Scalable Interconnection Networks for Partial Column Array Processor Architectures
Jarmo H. Takala , David A. Akopian , Jaakko T. Astola , Jukka P. Saarinen
Regularity in difference in transmission characteristics for gaussian superlattices and periodic superlattices
Kunihiko Asakura , Masakuyo Suzuki , Hirofumi Sanada , Nobuo Nagai
Transverse Distributed coupling Between Specifically terminated Low loss VLSI interconnects
Huseyin M. Ozkaramanli
Efficient ROM Size Reduction for Distributed Arithmetic
Jung-Pil Choi , Seung-Chul Shin , Jin-Gyun Chung
The equivalent transmission-line approach to resonant tunneling problems described by the kane model
Hirofumi Sanada , Masakuyo Suzuki , Yoji Tsukui , Nobuo Nagai
A Ultra High Speed Clock Distribution Technique Using A Cellular Oscillator Network
Sungkil Hwang , Gyu Moon

3 Digital Signal Processing

3.1 Digital filters and filter banks

Closed-Form Design of Maximally Flat $R$-Regular $M$th-Band FIR Filters
Soo-Chang Pei , Peng-Hua Wang
Error Spectrum Shaping in State-Space Digital Filters with L2-Scaling Constraints
Takao Hinamoto , Shinya Kanemori
Design of Stable Minimax IIR Digital Filters Using Semidefinite Programming
Wu-Sheng Lu
Synthesis of Low-Sensitivity Second-Order Digital Filters Using Genetic Programming with Automatically Defined Functions
Kazuyoshi Uesaka , Masayuki Kawamata
A Design Method of Low Delay FIR Bandpass Filters
Atsushi Ogata , Naoyuki Aikawa , Masamitsu Sato
Genetic Algorithm Approach for Designing Arbritrary FIR LOG Filters
Hung-Ching Lu , Shian-Tang Tzeng
A General Design of Mixed IIR-FIR Two-Channel QMF Bank
Abdesselam Klouche-Djedid , Stuart S. Lawson
Low Power, Area Efficient Programmable Filter and Variable Rate Decimator
Eugene Grayver , Babak Daneshrad
On the Effects of Zero-Pole Pairs and Individual Zeros and Poles on Discrete-Time Transfer Functions
Luiz W. P. Biscainho , Paulo S. Diniz
A Class of Two-channel Approximately Perfect Reconstruction Hybrid Analog/Digital Filter Banks
Per Löwenborg , Hĺkan Johansson , Lars Wanhammar
Explicit formula for generalized half-band maximally flat diamond-shaped filters
Saed Samadi , Akinori Nishihara
Complex Approximation for FIR Filters with Equiripple Magnitude and Phase Responses
Masaaki Ikehara , Masahiro Okuda , Kageyuki Kiyose , Shin-ichi Takahasi
Design of FIR Filters with Exceptional Passband and Stopband Smoothness using a New Transitional Window
Rick M. Roark , Monty Escabi
Low-Power Digital Filtering Using Approximate Processing with Variable Canonic Signed Digit Coefficients
Young-Woo Kim , Young-Mo Yang , Jae-Tack Yoo , Soo-Won Kim
Implementation of Overlapped Block Filtering Using Scheduling by Edge Reversal
Charles B. Prado , Paulo S. Diniz , Felipe M. Franca
A Hybrid Segmentation and Block Proceeding Algorithm for Low Power Implementation of Digital Filters
Ahmet T. Erdogan , Tughrul Arslan
Design of Multiplier Free FIR Filters using A LADF Sigma-Delta Modulator
Saman S. Abeysekera , Kabi P. Padhi
Asymptotic Behaviour of FIR Filters
Miroslav Vlcek , Pavel Zahradnik , Rolf Unbehauen
Stability Analysis of the Second-Order Lossless Digital Integrator Allpass Filter
Johnny Holmberg , Lennart Harnefors , Svante Signell
Design and Efficient Implementation of High-Speed Narrow-Band Recursive Digital Filters Using Single Filter Frequency Masking Techniques
Oscar Gustafsson , Hĺkan Johansson , Lars Wanhammar
New classes of frequency-response masking FIR filters
Hĺkan Johansson
A Novel Iterative Design Technique for Linear-Phase Fir Half-Band Filters
Sau-Gee Chen , Min-Chi Kao
Co-Optimization of FFT and FIR in a
Anders Berkeman , Viktor Owall
FIR Digital Filter Implementation using flattened coefficient
Sang-Hun Yoon , Jong-Wha Chong
Stability and Transient Behavior of Bode-Type Variable-Amplitude Digital Equalizers with Dynamic Variable Multiplier Variations
Arthur T.G. Fuller , Behrouz Nowrouzian
A Fast Convergent Algorithm for Identification of Noisy Autoregressive Signals
Wei Xing Zheng
Joint Optimization of Multiple Behavioral and Implementation Properties of Digital IIR Filter Designs
Brian L. Evans , Magesh Valliappan , Mohamed Gzara , Dejan V. Tosic , Miroslav D. Lutovic
A Note on the Square Summability of 2-D First-Order Digital Filter Transfer Functions
Vedat Tavsanoglu
FPGA Implementation of a Demux Based on a Multirate Filter Bank
Marco Re , Gian-Carlo Cardarilli , Andrea Del Re , Roberto Lojacono
Two Stage, Least Squares Design of Biorthogonal Filter Banks
David B. Tay
Determination of Radix Numbers of the Booth Algorithm for the Optimized Programmable FIR Architecture
Li-Hsun Chen , Wei-Lung Liu , Oscal T. Chen
A successive reoptimization approach for the design of discrete coefficient perfect reconstruction lattice filter bank
Yong C. Lim , Ya J. Yu
Rotating Stall Analysis Using Signal-Adapted Filter Bank and Cohen's Time-Frequency Distributions
Thuyen Le , Manfred Glesner
A WLS Algorithm For The Design Of Low Delay Quadrature Mirror Filter Banks
Chee Kiang Goh , Yong Ching Lim
Minimax Design of Stable IIR Digital Filter Using Iterative Linear Programming Method
Chien-Cheng Tseng , Su-Ling Lee
Design of Discrete-Time Fractional Hilbert Transformer
Chien-Cheng Tseng , Soo-Chang Pei
Complex Chebyshev Approximation for IIR Digital Filters
Xi Zhang , Kazuyoshi Suzuki , Toshinori Yoshikawa
Identification and Elimination of second-order Nonlinear Distortion of Loudspeaker Systems Using Volterra Filter
Masanori Tsujikawa , Takanori Shiozaki , Yoshinobu Kajikawa , Yasuo Nomura
Perfect Reconstruction Modulated Filter Banks with Sum of Powers-of-Two Coefficients
Shing-Chow Chan , Wei Liu , Ka-Leung Ho
Design of Two-Channel PR FIR Filter Banks with Low System Delay
Jinsong Mao , Shing-Chow Chan , Ka-Leung Ho
A Fifth-Order Comb Decimation Filter for Multi-Standard Transceiver Applications
Yonghong Gao , hannu tenhunen
An Algorithm for the Design of Multiplierless Approximately Linear-Phase Lattice Wave Digital Filters
Juha T. Yli-Kaakinen , Tapio A. Saramäki
High-speed, Low-complexity FIR Filter Using Multiplier Block Reduction and Polyphase Decomposition
Marcos A. Martinez-Peiro , Lars Wanhammar
A new method for the design of two-channel perfect-reconstruction linear-phase FIR filter banks
Robert Bregovic , Tapio A. Saramäki
Design and Properties of Polynomial-based Fractionnal Delay Filters
Jussi Vesma , Tapio A. Saramäki
Design and Properties of Step-Like Weighting Windows
Vladimir V. Lukin , Tapio A. Saramäki

3.2 Wavelets and multirate signal processing

An Efficient Filter Bank Architecture for the Cross-Term Reduced Processing of Discrete Time-Frequency Distributions
Thuyen Le , Manfred Glesner
Parallel DSP Implementation of Wavelet Transform in Image Compression
Kaisa Haapala , Pasi T. Kolinummi , Timo D. Hämäläinen , Jukka P. Saarinen
Real Time Target Detection under Jamming Conditions using Wavelet Transform on FPGA device
Ehab A. Elsehely , Mohamed I. Sobhy
Principal Component Filter Banks: Existence Issues, and Application to Modulated Filter Banks
Sony J. Akkarakaran , Palghat P. Vaidyanathan
Families of Binary Coefficient Biorthogonal Wavelet Filters
David B. Tay
VLSI Systolic Array Architecture for the Lattice Structure of the Discrete Wavelet Transform
Carlos E. Cabrera , Javier D. Bruguera
A Model for an ARMA Process Split in Sub-Bands
Luiz W. P. Biscainho , Paulo S. Diniz , Paulo A. Esquef

3.3 Adaptive signal processing

A simple threshold nonlinearity for Blind Separation of Sub-Gaussian Signals
Heinz Mathis , Marcel Joho , George S. Moschytz
Method to update the feedback control filter coefficients under active noise control
Kensaku Fujii , Mitsuji Muneyasu , Juro Ohga
Fast Tracking Conjugate Gradient Algorithm
Dai I. Kim , Phillippe De Wilde
Active Noise Control System without Secondary Path Model
Yoshinobu Kajikawa , Yasuo Nomura
Median Filter With Varying Bandwidth Adaptive to Unknown Smoothness of the Signal
Vladimir Y. Katkovnik , Karen O. Egiazarian , Jaakko T. Astola
Performance Improvements on MEFX-LMS Based Noise Cancellation System in Vehicle Cabin
Masaichi Akiho , Masakatsu Tamura , Miki Haseyama , Hideo Kitajima
A Globally Convergent Adaptive IIR Filter
Afshin David , Tyseer Aboulnasr
A Robust Statistics Based Adaptive Lattice-Ladder Filter In Impulsive Noise
Yue X. Zou , Shing C. Chan , Tung S. Ng
Prototype filter design for subband filtering structures with critical sampling
Mariane R. Petraglia , Paulo B. Batalheiro
An Adaptive Notch Filter for Eliminating Multiple Sinusoids with Reduced Bias
James Okello , Shin'ichi Arita , Yoshio Itoh , Yutaka Fukui , Masaki Kobayashi
Directional-Rational Approach fo Color Image Enhancement
Faouzi Alaya Cheikh , Moncef Gabbouj
A double-talk-resistant echo cancellation based on iterative maximal-length correlation
J. C. Jenq , S. F. Hsieh
Sync Signal Processing for Asynchronously Sampled Video Signals
Roland Lares , Rothermel Albrecht
Convergence Analysis pf an Oversampled Subband Adaptive Filtering Structure with Local Errors
Mariane R. Petraglia , Rogerio G. Alves , Paulo S. Diniz
A Unified Approach to the Steady-state Analysis of Quantized Adaptive Filtering Algorithms
Nabil R. Yousef , Ali H. Sayed
A New Architecture for Implementing Pipelined ADF
James Okello , Shin'ichi Arita , Yoshio Itoh , Yutaka Fukui , Masaki Kobayashi
A Lattice-based adaptive IIR Notch Filter and its Applications to FSK Demodulation
Shotaro Nishimura , Aloys N. Mvuma
Nonlinear Secondary-Path Effects on the Transient Behavior of the Multiple-Error FXLMS Algorithm
Márcio H. Costa , José C. Bermudez , Neil J. Bershad
On Exact Performances of Adaptive Volterra Filters: the Finite Alphabet Case
Hichem Besbes , Meriem Jaidane , Jelel Ezzine
Convergence and Steady-state Analysis of the Cost Function Adaptation Algorithms for Data Echo Cancellation
Corneliu Rusu , Colin F. Cowan
Continuous l_{\inf} Minimax Filtering
Sridhar Gollamudi , Yih-Fang Huang
Comparison of Two Open-Loop Adaptive Speech Enhancement Algorithms for Digital Hearing Aids
Neeraj Magotra , Juan G. Vargas-Rubio
Adaptive Fault Tolerant Digital Filters with Single and Multiple Coefficient Bit Errors in Floating-Point Arithmetic
Giadira Leon , William K. Jenkins
Adaptive Envelope-Constrained Filter Design
Jason C.H. Tseng , Kok-Lay Teo , Antonio Cantoni
Stable Condition Considering Modeling Error in the Filtered-x LMS Algorithm
Yoshinobu Kajikawa , Junya Yabuki , Yasuo Nomura
Accelerated Frequency Domain Adaptive Filter Using Modified DFT Pair and Its Application to Noise Canceling
Isao Nakanishi , Yoshio Itoh , Yutaka Fukui
Parallel architectures for decision-directed RLS-equalization
Christian Drewes , Joachim S. Hammerschmidt , Andreas A. Hutter
A Consideration on the Blind Channel Estimation Based on IIR Type Model
Yuko Nishikawa , Toshihiro Furukawa , Tohru Takahashi
A Highly Accurate Pipelined Architecture for a CORDIC ARMA Lattice Filter
Shin'ichi Shiraishi , Miki Haseyama , Hideo Kitajima
Analytical Model for the Mean Weights of Two Adaptive Interpolated-fir Filter structures
Orlando J. Tobias , Rui Seara , Carlos A. da Rocha
Efficient Computation Schemes and Bit-Serial Architectures for Normalized LMS Adaptive Filtering in Audio Applications
Hsiang-Feng Chi
Adaptive Time Delay Estimation for Sinusoidal Signal
Hing Cheung So
Neural MCA for Robust Beamforming
Simone G. Fiori , Francesco Piazza
Efficient Pipelined Tunable Hererodyne Notch Filter Implementation in FPGA's
Asad Azam , Dhinesh Sasidaran , Karl E. Nelson , Gary E. Ford , Louis Johnson , Michael A. Soderstrand
Improved parameter estimation of linear systems with noisy data
Wei Xing Zheng

3.4 Multidimensional systems

Schur Stability of Interval Bivariate Polynomials
Yang Xiao
A New VLSI Architecture without Global Broadcast for 2-D Digital Filters
Lan-Da Van , Shing Tenqchen , Chin-Chun Tang , Wu-shiung Feng
Mathematical Formulation of General M-D Filtering by Using a Single Building Block and Its Novel Word-Paralle Realization
Hamid R. Safiri , Majid A. Ahmadi
On Jury's Test for 2-D Stability of Discrete-time Systems and iits Simplification by Telepolation
Yuval Bistritz

3.5 Fast computations for signal processing

Integer discrete Fourier Transform and Its Extension to Integer Trigometric Transforms
Soo-Chang Pei , Jian-Jiun Ding
Polynomial Transform Algorithms For Multidimensional Discrete Hartley Transform
Yonghong Zeng , Guoan Bi , Abdul R. Leyman
Combinatorial Logic Based Forward Converters in Residue Number Systems
Benjamin A. Premkumar , Manish Bhardwaj
A New Architecture to Compute the Discrete Cosine Transform using the Quadratic Residue Number System
Javier Ramírez , Antonio García , Pedro G. Fernández , Luis Parrilla , Antonio Lloris
Block-matching evaluation in digital architectures for motion estimation
Luigi Raffo , Paola M. Zizola
A Parallel Algorithm for the Diagonalization of Symmetric Matrices
Bruno Cernuschi-Frias , Sergio E. Lew , Hernan J. Gonzalez , Jonas D. Pfefferman
Modified Vector Rotational CORDIC (MVR-CORDIC) Algorithm and Its Application to FFT
Cheng-Shing Wu , An-Yeu Wu , Chia-Ho Pan
High-Speed/Low-Power 1-D DWT Architectures with High Efficiency
Francescomaria Marino , David Z. Gevorkian , Jaakko T. Astola
Design Methodology for booth-encoded montgomery module design for RSA cryptosystem
Jye-Jong Leu , An-Yeu Wu
An ALU Design using a Novel Asynchronous Pipeline Architecture
Tin-Yau Tang , Chiu-sing Choy , Jan Butas , Cheong-fat Chan
Modified K-Nearest Neighbour Filters for Simple Implementation
David Z. Gevorkian , Karen O. Egiazarian , Jaakko T. Astola
FPGA_based Digit-Serial Complex Number Multiplier-Accumulator
Trinidad M. Sansaloni , Javier Valls , Keshab K. Parhi
Design and Implementation of a 16 by 16 Low-Power Two's Complement Multiplier
Alexander Goldovsky , Bimal Patel , Michael Schulte , Ravi Kolagotla , Hosahalli Srinivas , Geoffrey Burns
A family of redundant multipliers dedicated to fast computation for signal processing
Yannick Dumonteix , Habib Mehrez
A Fast CORDIC Algorithm Based on a Novel Angle Recoding Scheme
Jen-Chuan Chih , Sau-Gee Chen
A Novel Algorithm for Signed-Digit Online Multiply-Accumulate Operation and its Purely Signed-Binary Hardware Implementation
William G. Natter , Behrouz Nowrouzian
Real discrete Gabor expansion for finite and infinite sequences
Liang Tao , H. K. Kwan
Efficient Modulo $2^n+1$ Multiplication Schemes for IDEA
Masoud Baharami , Babak Sadeghiyan
A High-Performance 1D-DCT Architecture
Ahmed M. Shams , Wendi Pan , Archana Chandanandan , Magdy A. Bayoumi
Recursive Algorithm for the realization of the Discrete Cosine Transform
Lap-Pui Chau , Wan-Chi Siu
Redundant Linear Coding for Accelerating Counting and Comparison Operations
Itamar Elhanany , Ortal Arazi
MUSIC and Pencil-Based Sinusoidal Estimation Methods Using Fourth Order Cumulants
Mohammed A. Hasan , Ali A. Hasan
A Compact Modular Architecture for the Realization of High-Speed Binary Sorting Engines Based on Rank Ordering
Ilhan Hatirnaz , Frank K. Gurkaynak , Yusuf Leblebici

4 Multimedia and Communications

MPEG-2 4:2:2@HL Encoder Chip Set
Hidenori Sato , Hideo Oh˙ira , Masahiko Kazayama , Ayako Harada , Masahiko Yoshimoto , Okikazu Tanno , Satoshi Kumaki , Kazuya Ishihara , Atsuo Hanami , Tetsuya Matsumura

4.1 Speech processing and coding

Slovenian Text-to-speech System
Tomaz Sef
Adaptive Harmonic Fractional Fourier Transform
Feng Zhang , Yan Qiu Chen , Guoan Bi
Fast Pole Filtering for Speaker Recognition
Ravi P. Ramachandran , Kevin R. Farrell
Out-Of-Vocabulary Word Rejection Algorithm in Korean Variable Vocabulary Word Recognition
Kwang S. Moon , Yu J. Kim , Hoi R. Kim , Jae H. Chung
A Linear Predictive Method for Highly Compressed Presentation of Speech Spectra
Susanna Varho , Paavo Alku
Subband stationarity analysis of speech signals
Ranniery da S. Maia , Fernando Gil V. Resende , Sergio L. Netto
Simplified Pitch Detection Algorithm of Mixed Speech Signals
Young-Hyun Kwon , Dong-Jo Park , Bin-Chul Ihm
Minimum Variance Phase Prediction and Frame Interpolation Algorithms for Low Bit Rate Sinusoidal Speech Coding
Sassan Ahmadi , Andreas S. Spanias

4.2 Image processing and coding

Augmenting Vector Quantization with Interval Arithmetics for Image-coding Applications
Sandro Ridella , Stefano Rovetta , Rodolfo Zunino
Real-time Polygon Extraction from Complex Images
John W. Gates , Miki Haseyama , Hideo Kitajima
Design and Implementation of an EPLD-based Variable Length Coder for Real Time Image Compression Applications
Seetharaman Ramachandran , Srinivasan Srinivasan
A New Fractal Zerotree Coding for Wavelet Image
Meng Wu , Omair M. Ahmad , M.N.S. Swamy
Efficient Encoding of the Significance Maps in Wavelet Based Image Compression
Levent Oktem , Rusen Oktem , Karen O. Egiazarian , Jaakko T. Astola
Look Up Table (LUT) Inverse Halftoning
Murat Mese , Palghat P. Vaidyanathan
A Programmable Pruning Level Control based MPEG Video Encoder
Seetharaman Ramachandran , Srinivasan Srinivasan
Towards Jointly Optimal Rate Allocation for Multiple Videos with Possibly Different Frame Rates
Chung-Wen Hung , David W. Lin
An Advanced Contrast Enhancement Using Partially Overlapped Sub-Block Histogram Equalization
Joung-youn Kim , Lee-sup Kim , Seung-ho Hwang
A Limited Hardware Resources Efficient Motion Estimation Algorithm
Friederich Mombers , Stephanie Dogimont
The Implementation of Generalized Minimum Distance Decoding for Reed Solomon Codes
Ali Mahmudi , Mohammed Benaissa , Peter Sweeney
A Programmable VLSI Architecture for 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform
Chien-Yu Chen , Zhong-Lan Yang , Tu-Chih Wang , Liang-Gee Chen
Robust Image Watermarking On the DCT Domain
Wen-Nung Lie , Guo-Shiang Lin , Chih-Liang Wu , Ta-Chun Wang
Proposal for a Convergence Criterion to the Active Net in two Steps
Yoshitaka Matsuda , Yasuaki Sumi , Dai Kataoka , Makoto Ota , Yabuki Noboru , Yutaka Fukui , Shigehiko Miki
Analysis-based Adaptive Wavelet Filter Selection in Lossy Image Coding Schemes
Subhasis Saha , Rao V. Vemuri
An Efficient Spatial Prediction-based Image Compression Scheme
Chin-Hwa Kuo , Tzu-Chuan Chou , Tay-Shen Wang
A Study of a Suboptimal VLSI Architecture for Joint Source-Channel Trellis Coding.
Luis F. Gonzalez , Emmanuel Boutillon
Image Watermarking Using Spread Spectrum Technique in Log-2-Spatio Domain
Peter H.W. Wong , Oscar C. Au , Justy W.C. Wong
Low Complexity 2-D Hidden Markov Model for Face Recognition
Hisham Othman , Tyseer Aboulnasr
A Novel Algorithm for Edge Detection from Direction-Derived Statistics
George C. Lai , Rui J. de Figueiredo
Unified Lossless and Near-lossless Color Image Coding Based on Adaptive Quantization
Takayuki Nakachi , Tatsuya Fujii
A gray-scale inverse Hough transform algorithm
Anastasios Kesidis , Nikos Papamarkos
Multithresholding of mixed type documents
Charalampos Strouthopoulos , Nikos Papamarkos
A Hybrid Image Compression Algorithm Based On Fractal Coding And Wavelet Transform
Ioannis Andreopoulos , Yorgos A. Karayiannis , Thanos Stouraitis
Joint Source-Channel Coding for Highly Efficient Error Resilient Image
Jozsef Vass , Xinhua Zhuang
Face Recognition
Vinayadatt V. Kohir , U. B. Desai
The Design and implementation of DCT/IDCT Chip
Kuo-Hsing Cheng , Chih-Sheng Huang , Chun-Pin Lin
Enhancing the Ability of NAS-RIF Algorithm for Blind Image Deconvolution
Makoto Matsuyama , Yuichi Tanji , Mamoru Tanaka
An Analysis on the Effect of Image Activity on Lossy Coding Performance
Subhasis Saha , Rao V. Vemuri
Median-Based Filters With Prediction Error Processing For Video Restoration
Jamal K. Abbas , Marek Domanski
A simple technique for near-lossless coding of color images
Marek Domanski , Krzysztof Rakowski
A Low-Complexity Computation Scheme of Discrete Cosine Transform and Quantization with Adaptation to Block Contents
Chih-Chang Chen , Oscal T. Chen
Image Watermarking Using the Complex Hadamard Transform
Bogdan J. Falkowski , Lip S. Lim
Reduction of Blocking Artifacts by a Modeled Lowpass Filter Output
Nam-Ik Cho , Bong-Gyun Roh , Sang-Uk Lee
Multiple Description Motion Coding Algorithm for Robust Video Transmission
Chang-Su Kim , Sang-Uk Lee
An IFS-Based Image Restoration Method for Impulsive Noise Contamination
Miki Haseyama , Megumi Takezawa , Hiroyuki Honda , Hideo Kitajima
A New Approach of Group-Based VLC Codec System
Bai J. Shieh , Terng Y. Hsu , Chen Y. Lee
An analogue approach to the design of motion estimators for digital video encoding
John T. Taylor , Andreas C. Demosthenous , Geoff Morrison
Self-Organized Edge Detection for An Image Compression
Heeburm Ryu , Yoshikazu Miyanaga , Koji Tochinai

4.3 Video and multimedia technology

Limited Color Display for Compressed Video
Soo-Chang Pei , Ching-Min Cheng
Achieving Optimal Rate-Distortion Performance in Arbitrarily-Shaped Transform Coding
Guobin Shen , Bing Zeng , Ming L. Liou
An Efficient Hybrid Arbitrarily-Shaped Object Coding Technique
Guobin Shen , Bing Zeng , Ming L. Liou
Scalable Implementation of H.263 Video Encoder on a Parallel DSP System
Pasi T. Kolinummi , Juha S. Särkijärvi , Timo D. Hämäläinen , Jukka P. Saarinen
Joint Bit-Allocation for MPEG Encoding of Multiple Video Sequences with Minimum Quality-Variation
Hani Sorial , William E. Lynch , Andre Vincent
Compressed Domain Moving Object Extraction
Roy Wang , HongJiang Zhang , Ya-Qin Zhang
Performance Analysis and Architecture Evaluation of MPEG-4 Video Codec System
Hao-Chieh Chang , Liang-Gee Chen , Mei-Yun Hsu , Yung-Chi Chang
Performance Evaluation of Multithreaded Architectures for Media Processing Applications
Srinivasan Balakrishnan , Soumitra K. Nandy
Real-time H.263 Encoding of QCIF-images on TMS320C6201 Fixed Point DSP
Olli O. Lehtoranta , Timo D. Hämäläinen , Jukka P. Saarinen
Color Object Segmentation with Eigen-Based Fuzzy C-Means
Jar-Ferr Yang , Shu-Sheng Hao , Pau-Choo Chung , Chich-Ling Huang
An Area Efficient Video/Audio Codec for Portable Multimedia Application
Seong M. Park , Seong M. Kim , Kyeong J. Byeon , Jin J. Cha , Han J. Cho
A Center-Biased Hybrid Search (CBHS) Method for Block Motion Estimation
Sung-Chul Shin , Hyunki Baik , Myong-Soon Park , Dong-Sam Ha
Design of Networked Visual Monitoring Systems
Chin-Hwa Kuo , Tay-Shen Wang
Multi-View Image Compression and Intermediate View Synthesis For Stereoscopic Applications
Gan-Chieh Chang , Wen-Nung Lie
Novel Fast Motion Estimation for Frame Rate/Structure Conversion
Justy W.C. Wong , Oscar C. Au , Peter H.W. Wong
Video Special Effects Editing in MPEG-2 Compressed Video
Warnakulasuriya A. Fernando , Cidric N. Canagarajah , David R. Bull
Image authentication based on chaotic mixing systems
Anastasios Tefas , Ioannis Pitas
Dynamic Rate Control in Multipoint Video Transcoding
Chia-Wen Lin , Te-Jen Liou , Yung-Chang Chen
Wavelet-based Self-similar Watermarking for Still Images
Sofia Tsekeridou , Ioannis Pitas
Cost-Effective Multiplication with Enhanced Adders for Multimedia Applications
Zhen Luo , Ruby Lee
Object-Based Multiresolution Watermarking of Images and Video
Xiaoyun Wu , Wenwu Zhu , Zixiang Xiong , Ya-Qin Zhang
A ray queueing and sorting design for Real Time Ray Casting
Michael Doggett
Efficinet Video Summarization Based on a Fuzzy Video Content Representation
Anastasios D. Doulamis , Nikolaos D. Doulamis , Stefanos D. Kollias
Scalable MPEG Video Coding with Improved B-Frame Prediction
Marek Domanski , Adam Luczak , Slawomir Mackowiak
A VLSI Architecture for Hierarchical Mesh Based Motion Compensation Using A Scalble Affine Transformation Core
Wael Badawy , Guoqing Zhang , Mike Talley , Magdy A. Bayoumi
Spatiotemporal Segmentation and Tracking of Objects in Color Image Sequences
Ioannis Kompatsiaris , George Mantzaras , Michael G. Strintzis
A fast block matching for SIMD processors using subsampling
Fulvio Moschetti , Eric Debes
Reduction of Background Computations in Adaptive Block-Matching Motion Estimation
Vasily G. Moshnyaga , Kazuhito Nakasima
Parameter Estimation for Image/Video Transcoding
Zihua Guo , Oscar C. Au , Khaled Ben Letaief
Simplex Minimisation for Multiple-Reference Motion Estimation
Mohammed E. Al-Mualla , Cidric N. Canagarajah , David R. Bull
Spatial/Temporal Decimation on 3DPAC for Very Low Bit Rate Video Transmission
Chia-Huang Lin , Kuei-Ann Wen
Least-Squares Trilinear Interpolation for Digital Video Coding
Leonard T. Bruton , Chad W. Dreveny
FADE-IN and FADE-OUT Detection in Video Sequences Using Histograms
Warnakulasuriya A. Fernando , Cidric N. Canagarajah , David R. Bull
Deferred Lighting: A Computation-Efficient Approach for Real-time 3-D Graphics
Bor-Sung Liang , Wen-Chang Yeh , Yuan-Chung Lee , Chein-Wei Jen
A Virtual Stereo approach to Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Simone Chiucchi , Francesco Piazza
Parallel Memory Access Schemes for H.263 Encoder
Jarno K. Tanskanen , Tero Sihvo , Jarkko T. Niittylahti , Jarmo H. Takala , Reiner Creutzburg
Motion Estimation Using On-Line Arithmetic
Ching-Long Su , Chein-Wei Jen

4.4 Signal processing for communications

Complex EKF neural network for adaptive equalization
Deergha Rao Korrai , M.N.S. Swamy , E. Plotkin
An Adaptive Algorithm for Narrow-Band Interference rejection in DSSS Systems
Guoquan Cai , Guowen Song , Dapeng Yu , Xingmei Zhong
Software Radio based Re-configurable Correlator/FIR Filter for CDMA/TDMA Receiver
Fu-Yen Kuo , Chung-Wei Ku
Blind descision feedback equaliation of time varying channels with DPSK inputs
Erwei Bai , Zhi Ding
On Optimal Bit Loading for Multitone ADSL
David W. Lin
Time-Frequency Signal Subspace Fitting Method for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation
Liang Jin , Qin-ye Yin , Wen-jie Wang
Estimating Spatial Spectrum with Generalized Spectral-Correlation Signal Subspace Fitting
Liang Jin , Qin-ye Yin , Min-li Yao
Optimality of principal component filter banks for discrete multitone communication systems
Palghat P. Vaidyanathan , Yuan-Pei Lin , Sony J. Akkarakaran , See-May Phoong
Direction Finding of Wideband Signals via Spatial-Temporal Processing in Wireless Communications
Liang Jin , Qin-ye Yin , Bofeng Jiang
Polyphase Decomposition Channelizers for Software Radios
Ming Jian , Weng H. Yung , Yew W. Ho
Performance of Differentially Detected pi/4 DQPSK in the Presence of IQ Phase Imbalance
Maxime Scarpa , Julia Vogel , John T. Stonick , Sayfe Kiaei
Minimizing the memory requirement for Continuous Flow FFT: Continuous Flow Mixed Mode FFT
Ridha Radhouane , Peter Liu , Cory Modlin
Asynchronous Symbol Timing Recovery With Adaptive Interpolation Filter For High Data-Rate Digital Mobile Radio
Der-Zheng Liu , Che-Ho Wei
A New ML-based Data-aided Feedforward Symbol Synchronizer for Burst-mode Transmission
Gonçalo N. Tavares , Luis M. Tavares , Moisés S. Piedade
A fast synchronizer for burst modems with simultaneous symbol timing and carrier phase estimations
Dengwei Fu , Alan N. Willson
A New Combined Architecture for CDMA Location Searchers and Rake Receivers
Nabil R. Yousef , Ali H. Sayed
A Modified Two-steps sova-based Turbo Decoder with a fixed Scailing Factor
Dae-Won Kim , Taek-Won Kwon , Jun-Rim Choi , Jun-Jin Kong
A System-Theoretic Foundation for Blind Equalization of an FIR MIMO Channel Systems
Yujiro Inouye , Rueywen Liu
A Dolph-Chebyshev Approach to the Synthesis of Array Patterns for Uniform Circular Arrays
Buon K. Lau , Yee H. Leung
A Multicarrier QAM Modulator for WCDMA Basestation
Marko Kosunen , Jouko Vankka , Kari A. Halonen
Training techniques of space-time Viterbi equalizers for high speed mobile communication
Chih-Sheng Chou , David W. Lin
An Algebraic Principle in Blind Separation of Single Source Signal
Jie Zhu , Xiren Cao , Zhi Ding
A Multipath Polyphase Digital-to-Analog Converter for Software Radio Transmission Systems
Daniele Domanin , Umberto Gatti , Piero Malcovati , Franco Maloberti
Pilot-Symbol Assisted Channel Estimation for Coherent DS-CDMA Communications
Hai-Wei Wang , Che-Ho Wei
Low complexity VLSI Implementation of a Joint Successive Interference Cancellation with Interleaving Scheme
Ka-man Wong , Chi-ying Tsui , Roger S. Cheng
A Wideband Carrier-Recovery System for Multilevel QAM Signals
Shahriar Mirabbasi , Saeed Gazor , Ken Martin
Space-Time RAKE Receiver with Optimal Beamforming for the Uplink of CDMA-Based Wireless Systems
Holger Boche , Martin Schubert
A Compact Digital Frequency Synthesizer for GSM IF Up/Downconverter
Riku H. Uusikartano , Jarkko T. Niittylahti
High-Speed Reduced-State Sequence Estimation
Erich F. Haratsch , Kamran Azadet
A New Chaotic Key-Based Design for Image Encryption and Decryption
Jui C. Yen , Jiun I. Guo
A Beam Tracking algorithm for Space-time Rake Receiver with a New Beamformer
Wenjie Wang , Bofeng Jiang , Qinye Yin
Code Synchronization and Path Delay Estimation for a CDMA system Using Long Code Masking
A. S. Madhukumar , Francois Chin
Minimum Mean Square Error Receive Filters for Carrierless Amplitude and Phase Modulation
Jason Gao , Yee H. Leung , Antonio Cantoni
Discriminative learning strategy for efficient neural decision feedback equalizers
Elio D Di Claudio , Raffaele Parisi , Gianni Orlandi
Two Algorithms for Frequency Estimation of a Real Sinusoid from Short Data Records
Hing Cheung So , Yiu Tong Chan
ADC Offset Identification and Correction in DMT Modems
Mikael K. Rudberg
Adaptive Channel Estimation Using the Goba Algorithm for Turbo Codes in Rayleigh Flat-fading Channels
Chin-Liang Wang , Jah-Ming Hsu , Ting-Yang Chang
Wavelet compression of 3D medical images using conditional arithmetic coding
Nikolaos V. Boulgouris , Athanasios Leontaris , Michael G. Strintzis

4.5 Computer communications

A Flexible Design of Packets over SONET or Directly over Fiber
Jie Chen , Ut Va Koc , Jit Kumar
ATM Switch Design Using Code Division Multiple Access Techniques
Jian Ding , Gerald E. Sobelman
Impact of Chaotic Self-Similar and Poisson Traffics on WLAN Token Passing Protocols
Alessandra Giovanardi , Gianluca Mazzini
A New Hardware Design and FPGA Implementation for Internet Routing towards IP over WDM and Terabit Routers
Ilion Y. Hsiao , Chein-Wei Jen
A Wave-Pipelined CMOS Associative Router For Communication Switches
Jose G. Delgado-Frias , Jabulani Nyathi

5 VLSI Circuits and Systems

5.1 Analog and digital IC's

A High-speed Single-Phase-Clocked CMOS Prority Encoder
Shyan J. Wang , Chun-Shing Huang
Specification and Implementation of a Crypto-Coprocessor for ISDN
Walter Sachs , Stefan Wolter
A Contention-free Domnio Logic for Scaled-down CMOS Technologies with Ultra Low Threshold Voltages
Mohamed E. Elrabaa , Mohab H. Anis , Mohamed I. Elmasry
A Fast Dynamic 64-bit Comparator with Small Transistor Count
Chua-Chin Wang , Hsin-Long Wu , Chi-Feng Wu
A Compact Adaptive Equalizer IC for HIPERLAN System
Shyan J. Wang , Pei-Lung Lin , Wern-Ho Sheen , Duo Sheng , Yu-Ming Huang
An Architecture of F22n multiplier for Elliptic Curves Cryptosystem
Sarwono Sutikno , Andy Surya
A 3.3 V Tunable Current-Mode Square-Root Domain Biquad
Antonio J. Lopez-Martin , Alfonso Carlosena
Very Low-voltage Class AB CMOS Precision Voltage and Current Rectifiers
Jaime Ramírez-Angulo , Ramón G. Carvajal , Juana M. Martínez-Heredia , Antonio J. Torralba
Design and Analysis of the On-Chip ESD Protection Circuit with a Constant Input Capacitance for High-Precision Analog Applications
Ming-Dou Ker , Tung-Yang Chen , Chung-Yu Wu , Hun-Hsien Chang
A Generic Programmable Arbiter with Default Master Grant
Frédéric Pétrot , Denis Hommais
Residue Arithmetic Circuits Using a Signed-Digit Number Representation
Shugang Wei , Kensuke Shimizu
VLSI Implementation of a Wide-Band Sonar Receiver
Godi Fischer , Alan J. Davis
A 5GHz Fully Integrated VCO in a SiGe Bipolar Technology
Aristides Kyranas , Yannis Papananos
A CMOS Charge Pump for Low-voltage Operation
Yiannis Moisiodis , Ilias Bouras , Angela Arapoyanni
A Programmable Processor for Cryptography
Sukumar S. Raghuram , Chaitali Chakrabarti
A CMOS Reduced-Area SRAM Cell
Trudi-Heleen Joubert , Evert Seevinck , Monuko du Plessis
A Unified VLSI Methodology for Designing RNS and QRNS Full Adder Based Converters
Dimitrios J. Soudris , Minas M. Dasigenis , Antonios Thanailakis
Area-Time Efficient Serial-Serial Multipliers
Amar Aggoun , Ahmed S. Ashur , Mohammad K. Ibrahim
MOSFET-C Sinusoidal Oscillator with Variable Frequency and Amplitude
Juan I. Osa , Alfonso Carlosena
Ultra lowvoltage floating-gate transconductance amplifier with tunable gain and linearity
Yngvar Berg , Řivind Nćss , Mats Hřvin
A 2048 Complex Point FFT Architectur for Digital Audio Broadcasting System
Jun-Rim Choi , Se-Ho Park , Dong-Seok Han , Jo-Hun Kim
High-speed Bipolar MUX Modeling and Design
Massimo Alioto , Gaetano Palumbo
A Low Latency Bi-directioal Serial-parallel Multiplier Architecture
Ahmed Bouridane , Mokhtar Nibouche , Omar Nibouche , Daniel Crookes , Badr Albesher
A New Pipelined Digit Serial-parallel Multiplier
Omar Nibouche , Ahmed Bouridane , Mokhtar Nibouche , Daniel Crookes
The Optimization of GHz Integrated CMOS Quadrature VCO's based on a poly-phase filter loaded differential oscillator.
Marc A. Borremans , Bram De Muer , Michiel Steyaert
An Implantable CMOS Signal Conditioning System for Recording Nerve Signals with Cuff Electrodes
Torsten Lehmann , Konstantinos Papathanasiou
The effects of scaling on the performance of small-signal MOS amplifiers: a physics-based simulation study
Claudio Fiegna
Architecture Driven Filter Transformations
Manish Sharma , Naresh R. Shanbhag
A 3.3V, 1.6GHz, Low-Jitter, Self-Correcting, DLL Based Clock Synthesiser in 0.5um CMOS
David J. Foley , Michael P. Flynn
Compace current input oversampling modulator design for a scalable high frame rate focal plane arrays
Youngjoong Joo , Martin A. Brooke , Nan M. Jokerst
TAT Transistors on SOT Array for Mixed Analog/Digital Applications
Jung H. Choi , Sergio Bampi
CMOS VCO-Prescaler Cell-based Design for RF PLL Frequency Synthesizers
Ayman I. Ahmed , Khalid Sharaf , Hisham S. Haddara , Hani F. Ragai
Comparison and Analysis of Phase Noise in Ring Oscillators
Liang Dai , Ramesh Harjani , William B. Wilson
High-Speed High-Precision Voltage-mode MIN/MAX Circuits in CMOS Technology
Ramón G. Carvajal , Jaime Ramírez-Angulo , Jon N. Tombs
A Robust Deep Submicron Programmable DC Voltage Generator
Mohamed M. Hafed , Sebastien Laberge , Gordon W. Roberts
A New Fully Integrated CMOS Phase-Locked Loop with low Jitter and Fast lock time
Youcef Fouzar , Mohamad Sawan , Yvon Savaria
A Preamplifier IC Design for Photonic Links
Andre B. Boyogueno , Bozena Kaminska , Mustapha Slamani
A Floating-Gate pFET Based CMOS Programmable Memory Cell Array
Julian A. Bragg , Reid R. Harrison , Paul E. Hasler , Stephen P. DeWeerth
Combating Digital Noise in High Speed ULSI Circuits Using Binary BCH Encoding
Dinesh Pamunuwa , Li-Rong Zheng , Hannu Tenhunen
Fast 32-Bit Digital Multiplier
Kaamran Raahemifar , Majid A. Ahmadi
A Comparative Study of Low-Noise Logic Cells for Mixed Mode Integrated Circuits
Edgar M. Albuquerque , Manuel M. Silva
A Low-Jitter and Low-Power Phase-Locked Loop Design
Kuo H. Cheng , Huan S. Liao , Lin J. Tzou
An Efficient Approach for In-Place Scheduling of Path Metric Update in Viterbi Decoder
Chien-Ming Wu , Ming-Der Shieh , Chien-Hsing Wu , Ming-Hwa Sheu
One chip - low power Digital-TCXO with Sub-ppm Accuracy
Se-Joong Lee , Jin-Ho Han , Seung-Ho Han , Joo-Ho Lee , Jung-Su Kim , Min-Kyu Je , Hoi-Jun Yoo
A High Fill-Factor Native Logarithmic Pixel: Simulation, Design and Layout Optimization
Amine Bermak , Abdesslam Bouzerdoum , Kamran Eshraghian
A Programmable Continuous-time Analog Fourier Processor based on Floating-Gate Devices
Matt Kucic , Ai Chen Low , Paul E. Hasler
Efficient data output from the inner of large size cellular array
Fabrice Paillet , Damien Mercier , Thierry M. Bernard
Performance of Submicron CMOS Devices and Gates with Substrate Biasing
X. Liu , S. Mourad
A Dataflow-oriented VLSI Architecture for a Modified SPIHT Algorithm Using Depth-first Search Bit Stream Processing
Li-minn Ang , Hon N. Cheung , Kamran Eshraghian
A Frame Stream Controller IP
Fernanda G. Lima , Marcelo Barcelos , Juergen Rochol , Sergio Bampi , Ricardo Reis
An Efficient Design for One Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform Using Parallel Adders
Jiun I. Guo
CMOS Oulier Rejection Circuit
Spiridon Vlassis , Stilianos Siskos
A Novel Two-Port 6T CMOS SRAM Cell Structure for Low-Voltage VLSI SRAM with Single-Bit-Line Simultaneous Read-and-Write Access (SBLSRWA) Capability
Bo-Ting Wang , James B. Kuo
A Simple High-speed Low Current Comparator
Hongchin Lin , Jie-Hau Huang , Shyh-Chyi Wong
A Clock Extraction Circuit Using Passive Component-Free Filter in Standard Digital Process
Jae J. Chang , Martin A. Brooke
A New Adder Scheme with Reduced P, G Signal Generations using Redundant Binary Number System
Kyung-Nam Han , Sang-Wook Han , Euisik Yoon
Time Borrowing in High-Speed Functional Units Using Skew-Tolerant Domino Circuits
Gunok Jung , Victoria Perepelitsa , Gerald E. Sobelman

5.2 Low power design

Data-Dependent Evaluating Latched CMOS Differential Logic Family For Statistical Power Reduction
Bai-Sun Kong , Young-Hyun Jun
A low-power Silicon-on-insulator PWM Discriminator for Biomedical Applications
Jader A. De Lima , Sidnei F. Silva , Adriano S. Cordeiro , Alexandro C. Araujo , Michel Verleysen
A Power Reduction Method for Off-chip Interconnects
Frederic Devisch , Johan Stiens , Roger Vounckx , Maarten Kuijk
Low-Power Decimation Filters for Oversampling ADCs Via The Decorrelating (DECOR) Transform
Dongwon Seo , Naresh R. Shanbhag , Milton Feng
A Self-Biased Low Voltage, Low Power, CMOS Transconductor Stage
Michele Fedeli , Carla Vacchi
A High Speed Low Power CMOS Clock Driver Using Charge Recycling Technique
Ilias Bouras , Yiannis Liaperdos , Angela Arapoyanni
Low-Power Data-Driven Dynamic Logic
Ramin Rafati , Seid M. Fakhraie , Kenneth C. Smith
A Piplined Multiply-Accumulate Unit Design for Energy Recovery DSP Systems
Dusan Suvakovic , C. Andre T. Salama
Low-Power Design of a Multi-Mode Transceiver
Dimitrios J. Soudris , Minas Perakis , Haris Mizas , Vassilis Mardiris , Kostas Katis , Chrisagvi Dre , Manolis Metaxakis , Grigoris Kalivas , Nikos Zervas , Spyros N. Theoharis , George Theodoridis , Antonios Thanailakis , Costas E. Goutis
ILP-based Scheme for Low Power Scheduling and Resource Binding
Wen-Tsong Shiue , Chaitali Chakrabarti
A 1-GHz Low-Power Transposition Memory Using New Pulse-Clocked D Flip-Flops
Po-Hui Yang , Jinn-Shing Wang , Yi-Ming Wang
A New Cost Model for High-Level Power Optimization and its Application
Taekyoon Ahn , Kiyoung Choi , Ki-Hyun Kim , Seong-Kwan Hong
Ultra-low Standby-Currents for deep sub-micron VLSI CMOS Circuits: Smart Series Switch
Paul R. Van der Meer , Arie Van Staveren , Arthur H. Van Roermund
Controller Redesign Based Clock and Register Power Minimsization
Srikanth R. Muroor , Soumitra K. Nandy
Designing a low-power (self-timed) router for a MIMD computer
Eric Senn , Bertrand Zavidovique
Ultra lowvoltage floating-gate transconductance amplifier
Yngvar Berg , Řivind Nćss , Mats Hřvin
On the Utilization of Strength-Reduced Architectures for Adaptive Equalizers
Mohamed M. Aly , Khaled M. Sharaf , Hani F. Ragai
Evaluation of Power Consumption in Adiabatic Circuits
Massimo Alioto , Gaetano Palumbo
Automated Transistor Sizing Algorithm for Minimizing Spurious Switching Activities in CMOS Circuits
Artur Wroblewski , Christian V. Schimpfle , Josef A. Nossek
New High Performance Sub-1V Circuit Technique with Reduced Standby Current and Robust Data Holding
Seung-Moon Yoo , Sung-Mo Kang
Parallel Dynamic Logic(PDL) with Speed-Enhanced Skewed Static (SSS) Logic
Chulwoo Kim , Seong-Ook Jung , Kwang-Hyun Baek , Sung-Mo Kang
Low Power Transformation of Datapath Architectures with Cyclic SFGs
Marek Wroblewski , Sven Simon , Josef A. Nossek
A Digitally Controlled Low-Power Clock Multiplier for Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous Designs
Thomas Olsson , Peter Nilsson , Thomas Meincke , Ahmed Hemani , Mats Torkelson
Low-Power State Assignment Techniques for Finite State Machines
Paolo Bacchetta , Lidia Daldoss , Donatella Sciuto , Cristina Silvano
A Low Power VLSI Architecture of SOVA-based Turbo-code decoder using Scarce State Transition Scheme
Yan Wang , Chi-ying Tsui , Roger S. Cheng
A 480µW 2GHz Ultra Low Power Dual-Modulus Prescaler in 0.25µm Standard CMOS
Marc J.G. Tiebout
Application of Dynamic Power Supply Scaling in a Low-energy ATM Interface
S. Henry Li , Charles A. Zukowski
Efficient Approaches to Improving Performance of VLSI SOVA-based Turbo Decoders
Zhongfeng Wang , Hiroshi Suzuki , Keshab K. Parhi
Energy Minimization In Dynamic Supply Voltage Scaling Systems Using Data Dependent Voltage Level Selection
Lama H. Chandrasena , Michael J. Liebelt
Optimization Techniques for Maximum Power-Efficiency of Deep Sub-Micron CMOS Digital Circuits
Daniel S. Kwok , Martin Margala
Energy-Efficiency Bounds for Noise-Tolerant Dynamic Circuits
Naresh R. Shanbhag , Lei Wang
Efficient Techniques Based on Gate Tiggering for Designing Static CMOS ICs with very Low Glitch Power Dissipation
Nihar R. Mahapatra , Sriram V. Garimella , Alwin Tareen
An 8*8 Adiabatic Quasi-Static CMOS Multiplier
Mak Wing-Sum , Chan Cheong-Fat , Cheung Ka-Wai , Choy Chiu-Sing
New Metrics for Architectural Level Power Performance Evaluation
Lihong Jia , Yonghong Gao , hannu tenhunen
Prototype Low Power WTA Circuits For Programmable Neural Networks
Krzysztof Wawryn , Bogdan Strzeszewski
Low Power Digital Design in FPGAs: A study of Pipeline Architectures implemented in a FPGA using a low supply voltage to reduce power consumption.
Andres D. Garcia Garcia , Wayne Burleson , Jean-Luc Danger
An Interconnect-Driven Design of a DFT Processor
Daniel Eckerbert , Henrik Eriksson , Per Larsson-Edefors , Anders Edman

5.3 VLSI physical design

A Zener-Diode-Activated ESD Protection Circuit for Sub-Micron CMOS Processes
Louis Luh , John Choma , Jeffrey Draper
Design of An Inter-Plane Circuit for Clocked PLAs
Chua-Chin Wang , Yu-Tsun Chien , Ying-Pei Chen
A Parallel Tabu Search Algorithm for VLSI Standard-Cell Placement
Sadiq M. Sait , Habib Youssef , Hasan Barada , Ahmad Al-Yamani
Improved Design of C2PL 3-2 compressors withless transistor count
Chua-Chin Wang , Po-Ming Lee , Chenn-Jung Huang
Transient Analysis of a CMOS Inverter Driving Resistive Interconnect
Kevin T. Tang , Eby G. Friedman
Delay and Power Expressions Characterizing a CMOS Inverter Driving an RLC Load
Kevin T. Tang , Eby G. Friedman
New Diode String Design with Very Low Leakage Current for Using in Power Supply ESD Clamp Circuits
Ming-Dou Ker , Wen-Yu Lo , Hun-Hsien Chang
Physical Design to Improve the Noise Immunity of Digital Circuits in a Mixed-Signal Smart-Power System
Radu M. Secareanu , Scott Warner , Scott Seabridge , Cathie Burke , Thomas E. Watrobski , Christopher Morton , William Staub , Thomas Tellier , Eby G. Friedman
Repeater Insertion in deep sub-micron CMOS: Ramp-based Analytical Model and Placement Sensitivity Analysis
Ankireddy Nalamalpu , Wayne Burleson
A 670ps, 64bit Dynamic Low-Power Adder Design
Ramchan Woo , Se-Joong Lee , Hoi-Jun Yoo
An Analytical 3-D Placement That Reserves Routing Space
Thitipong Tanprasert
An Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for VLSI Floorplanning Based on Sequence-Pair
Shingo Nakaya , Tetsushi Koide , Shin'ichi Wakabayashi
Design of a High-Speed RSA Encryption Processor with Built-in Table for Residue Calculation of Redundant Binary Numbers
Nobuhiro Tomabechi , Teruki Ito
Single Input Current-sensing differential Logic (SCSDL)
Roland L. Strandberg , Jiren R. Yuan
Efficient and Accurate Modeling of Power Supply Noise on Distributed On-chip Power Networks
Li-Rong Zheng , Bingxin Li , Hannu Tenhunen
Minimum Crosstalk Channel Routing with Dogleg
Kuo C. Hsu , Yu C. Lin , Po X. Chiu , Tsai M. Hsieh
A Low-Power and High-Frequency CMOS Transceiver for Chip-to-Chip interconnection
Wei-Lung Liu , Robin R. Sheen , Jen-Shang Hwang , Oscal T. Chen
VLSI Design of Reed-Solomon Decoder Architectures
Hanho Lee , Meng-Lin Yu , Leilei Song
Higher Radix Kogge-Stone Parallel Prefix Adder Architectures
Frank K. Gurkaynak , Yusuf Leblebici , Laurent Chaouat , Patrick J. McGuinness
Simulated Annealing Search through General Structure Floorplans using Sequence-Pair
Koji Kiyota , Kunihiro Fujiyoshi
A Novel VLSI architecture for Lempel-ZIV Based Data Compression
Yeong-Kang Lai , Kuo-Chen Chen

5.4 Testing : analog, digital and mixed

Picoseconds Measurement of Internal Waveforms in Integrated Circuits Using Sampling Force Probing (I): Principle and Demonstration
Ra'a A. Said
Built-in Self Testing of High-Performance Circuits using Twisted-Ring Counters
Krishnendu Chakrabarty , Shivakumar Swaminathan
Integer Code DC Fault Dictionary
Jerzy Rutkowski , Jan Machniewski
Fault Diagnosis in Analog and Mixed Mode Low Testabilty System
Janusz A. Starzyk , Jing Pang
Model-based testing of high-resolution ADCs
Carsten Wegener , Michael P. Kennedy
Picoseconds Measurement of Internal Waveforms in Integrated Circuits Using Sampling Force Probing (II): Applications, Capabilities and Limitations
Ra'a A. Said
Estimation of Parameter Fluctuations for Robust Operation in Analogue Circuits and Systems
H. J. Kadim , D. M. Harvey
A Controller Resynthesis Based Method for Improving Datapath Testability
Marie-Lise Flottes , Bruno M. Rouzeyre , Laurent Volpe
An Improved Cellular Automata-based BIST Architecture for Sequential Circuits
Fulvio Corno , Matteo Sonza Reorda , Giovanni Squillero
Comprehensive Defect Analysis and Testability of Current-Mode Logic Circuits
Saman Adham , Dhamin Al-Khalili , Côme Rozon , Douglas Racz
A Methodology for Validating Digital Digital Circuits with Mutation Testing
Patrice Vado , Yvon Savaria , Yannick Zoccarato , Chantal Robach
A Timing-Driven Pseudo-Exhaustive Testing of VLSI Circuits
Shih-Chieh Chang , Jiann-Chyi Rau
A Partial Scan Design by Unifying Structural Analysis and Testabilities
Jongwook Park , Sang-hoon Shin , Sungju Park
Transparency-Based Hierarchical Test Generation for Modular RTL Designs
Yiorgos Makris , Jamison Collins , Alex Orailoglu , Praveen Vishakantaiah
The Extraction of Transistor Mismatch Parameters: The CMOS Curent-steering D/A Converter as a Test Structure
Anne Van den Bosch , Michiel Steyaert , Willy Sansen
Methods for on-chip embedding of path delay test vectors
Dimitri Kagaris , Spyros Tragoudas
The Left Edge Algorithm in Block Test Scheduling under Power Constraints
Valentin V. Muresan , Xiaojun Wang , Valentina V. Muresan , Mircea Vladutiu
Unifying Methodologies for High Fault Coverage Concurrent and Off-line Test of Digital Filters
Ismet Bayraktaroglu , Alex Orailoglu
Built-In Self-Test and Fault Diagnosis for Lookup Table FPGAs
Shyue K. Lu , Jen S. Shih , Cheng-Wen Wu
Comparative Investigations of Substrate Noise Caused by Voltage-mode and Current-mode Gates
Piotr Pawlowski , Andrzej Guzinski

5.5 High level synthesis & hardware/software co-design

Roundoff-noise shaping in filter design
George A. Constantinides , Peter Y. Cheung , Wayne Luk
A Methodology for the Behavioral-Level Event-Driven Power Management of Digital Receivers
N. N. Zervas , Dimitrios J. Soudris , Spyros N. Theoharis , Costas E. Goutis , Antonios Thanailakis
A Parametric Module Design Framework and Its Application to Gate-level Datapath/DSP Module Synthesis
Ming Luen Liou , Tzi Dar Chiueh
Automatic Distributed Asynchronous Control Circuit Generation From Data Flow Graph For Asynchronous High-Level Synthesis
Euiseok Kim , Jeong-Gun Lee , Dong-Ik Lee
A Synthesis tool for the multiplierless realization of FIR-based multirate DSP systems
Arda Yurdakul
Synthesizing Data Paths with Arithmetic Self-Test
Albrecht P. Stroele
Scheduling for Low Power Under Resource and Latency Constraints
Srinivas Katkoori , Ranga R. Vemuri
Exact and heuristic methods of assignment driven scheduling for data-path synthesis applications
Mineo Kaneko , Yoshitaka Nishio , Satoshi Tayu
Multi-Algorithm ASIP Synthesis and Power Estimation for DSP Applications
Jean-Gabriel Cousin , Olivier Sentieys , Daniel Chillet

5.6 Logic synthesis and formal verification

Efficient Spectral Method for Disjoint Bi-Decomposition of Boolean Functions
Bogdan J. Falkowski , Sudha Kannurao
Skew Symmetry Detection Using the Walsh Spectral Coefficients
Bogdan J. Falkowski , Sudha Kannurao
High-Performance Multiplexer-Based Logic Synthesis Using Pass-Transistor Logic
Shen-Fu Hsiao , Jia-Siang Yeh , Da-Yen Chen
Dual-monotonic domino gate mapping and optimal output phase assignment of domino logic
Min Zhao , Sachin S. Sapatnekar
A Compact Factored From for a Boolean Function
Jiann-Chyi Rau , Yan-Min Chen , Shih-Chieh Chang
M-CHECK: A Multiple Engine Combinational Equivalence Checker
Sherief Reda , Ayman M. Wahba , Ashraf M. Salem

5.7 Fault tolerant systems

An Efficient Scheme Based on EMPDC Graph Model in Synthesizing Fault Tolerant FIR Filter
Choon-Sik Park , Mineo Kaneko
Development of an Evaluattion Model for the Design of Fault-tolerant Solid State Mass Memory
Gian-Carlo Cardarilli , Adelio Salsano , Panfilo Marinucci
On the Hardware Design for DES Cipher in Tamper Resistant Devices against Differential Fault Analysis
Lih-Yang Wang , Chi-Sung Laih , Hang-Geng Tsai , Nern-Min Huang

5.8 Sensors and micromachining

A CMOS Smart Focal Plane for Infra-Red Imagers
Philippe O. Pouliquen , Conrad W. Terrill , Andreas G. Andreou , Gert Cauwenberghs
A Programmable Spatiotemporal Image Processor Chip
Viktor Gruev , Ralph R. Etienne-Cummings
Integrated Chemical Sensors based on Carbon Black and Polymer Films using a Standard CMOS Process and Post-processing
Jeffrey A. Dickson , Rodney M. Goodman
A Noise-Shaping Accelerometer Interface Circuit For Two-Chip Implementation
Tetsuya Kajita , Un-Ku Moon , Gabor C. Temes
An Adaptive Optical Sensor
Chunyan Wang , Francis Devos
A low voltage CMOS phase shifter as a resistive sensor transducer
Giuseppe Ferri , Pierpaolo De Laurentiis

6 Computer Aided Design

6.1 Numerical and symbolic methods

Finding All Solutions of Piecewise-Linear Resistive Circuits Using the Dual Simplex Method
Kiyotaka Yamamura , Shigeru Tanaka
Convergent Regions of Newton Homotopy Methods for Nonlinear Systems: Theory and Computational Algorithms
Jaewook Lee , Hsiao-Dong Chiang
Constructive Homotopy Methods for Finding All or Multiple DC Operating Points of Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
Jaewook Lee , Hsiao-Dong Chiang
On Consistent Initial Conditions for Circuit's DAEs with Higher Index
Hans G. Brachtendorf , Rainer Laur
Applying the Trigonometric Collocation Method to Nonlinear Circuits
Antonio Buonomo , Alessandro Lo Schiavo
Using Continuation Methods to Improve Convergence of Circuits with High Impedance Nodes
Leonid B. Goldgeisser , Michael M. Green
Millimeter-wave Analysis of Directional Couplers
Mohamed L. Tounsi , Brahim Haraoubia
An Improvement of FFT-based Numerical Inversion of Two-Dimensional Laplace Transforms by Means of epsilon-Algorithm
Lubomir Brancik

6.2 Linear and nonlinear optimization

k-Edge-Connectivity Augmentation Problem with Upper Bounds on Edge Multiplicity
Daisuke Takafuji , Satoshi Taoka , Toshimasa Watanabe
An Interval Method for Global Inequality-Constraint Optimization Problems
Lubomir Kolev , Dimitar Penev

6.3 Graph theory, combinatorial optimization

Minity's Coloured Branch Theorem Versus Tellegen's Theorem
Jaroslaw K. Cel
A linear time algorithm for computing hexagonal steiner minimum trees for terminals on the boundary of a regular hexagon
Guohui Lin , Guoliang Xue
Optimal Layout of hexagonal minimum spanning trees in linear time
Guo-Hui Lin , Guoliang Xue
Synthesis of reliable networks in the presence of line failures
Blazej Sawionek , Jacek M. Wojciechowski , Jaroslaw Arabas
Dropping Method for Rectangle Packing Problem
Toshihiko Takahashi
On a New Type of Extended Petri Nets and its Applications
Kohkichi Tsuji

6.4 Modeling and simulation techniques

A High Accuracy - Low Complexity Model for CMOS Delays
Mario R. Casu , Guido Masera , Gianluca Piccinini , Massimo Ruo Roch , Maurizio Zamboni
An Efficient and Practical MOS Statistical Model for Digital Applications
Qiang Zhang , Juin J. Liou , John R. McMacken , Kevin R. Stiles , J. R. Thomson , Paul A. Layman
A Waveform Bounding Algorithm for Simulation of RLC Circuits
Yao-Lin Jiang , Richard M. Chen , Omar Wing
Sensitivity of Interconnect Delay to On-Chip Inductance
Yehea I. Ismail , Eby G. Friedman
Power Markets Stability Considering Energy Imbalance
Wellington S. Mota
Extraction of Fowler-Nordheim Parameters of thin SiO2 Oxide Film Including Polysilicon gate Depletion: Validation with an EEPROM Memory Cell
Nadia Harabech , Rachid Bouchakour , Pierre Canet , Philippe Pannier , Jean-Pierre Sorbier
Evaluation of non-linear modelling techniques for MOSFETs based on vectorial large-signal measurements
Dominique Schreurs , Ewout Vandamme , Servaas Vandenberghe , Geert Carchon , Bart Nauwelaers , Goncal Badenes , Ludo Deferm
An algorithm for automatic model-order reduction of nonlinear MEMS devices
Jinghong Chen , Sung-Mo Kang
Stochastic Cycle Period Analysis in Timed Circuits
Eric G. Mercer , Chris J. Myers
Optimum Probability Model Selection Using Akaike's Information Criterion for Low Power Applications
Rajarathnam Chandramouli , Vamsi K. Srikantam
Statistical Delay Calculation with Vector Synthesis Model
Tomohiro Fujita , Hidetoshi Onodera
Computational Method of Stability Investigation for Large Analog Circuits
Mark M. Gourary , Sergey G. Rusakov , Sergey L. Ulyanov , Michael M. Zharov , Steve J. Hamm , Brian J. Mulvaney
VHDL-based Behavioural Description of Pipeline ADCs
Eduardo J. Peralias , Antonio J. Acosta , Adoracion Rueda , Jose L. Huertas
Statistical Modeling of Device Characteristics with Systematic Fluctuation
Kenichi Okada , Hidetoshi Onodera
Multi-Grid Methods for Power Grid Simulation
Sani R. Nassif , Joseph Kozhaya
Back-Tracing and Event-Driven Techniques in High-Level Simulation with Decision Diagrams
Raimund J. Ubar , Jaan Raik , Adam Morawiec
Inertial and Degradation Delay Model for CMOS Logic Gates
Jorge Juan-Chico , Paulino Ruiz de Clavijo , Manuel J. Bellido , Antonio J. Acosta , Manuel Valencia
Fast simulation techniques for phase noise analysis of oscillators
Salvatore Levantino , Alfio Zanchi , Andrea Bonfanti , Carlo Samori
Performance Limits of Planar and Multi-Layer Integrated Inductors
Yorgos Koutsoyannopoulos , Yannis Papananos , Sotiris Bantas , Carlo Alemanni
Improving Simulation Efficiency for Circuit-Level Power Estimation
Radu Marculescu , Cristinel Ababei
Efficient interconnect timing analysis via piecewise linear technique
Jerzy J. Dabrowski
A Unified High Accuracy Behavoiral Spice Macromodel of Operational Amplifiers Featuring the Frequency, Temperature and Power Supply Influences
Adrian G. Maxim , Danielle Andreu
Metal-Over-Gate MOSFET Modeling for Radio Frequency IC Applications
Leonard A. MacEachern , Tajinder Manku
Always Convergent Piecewise-Linear DC Analysis by an Appropriate Choice of Initial Conditions
Janne Roos , Ville Karanko
Detection and Elimination of Initial Transient for Accurate Power Analysis
Li-Pen Yuan , Sung-Mo Kang
Parallel Symbolic Sensitivity Analysis of Large-Scale Linear Analogue Circuits
Friedemann Eberhardt , Wilfried Tenten , Peter R. Shepherd
A Model Reduction Procedure for High Level Canonical PWL Functions
Pedro M Julian , Belen D'Amico , Alfredo Desages
A Smooth and Derivable Large-signal Model dor Microwave Hemt Transistors
Marcelino Lazaro , Ignacio Santamaria , Carlos J. Pantaleon
Novel pattern-based power estimation tool with accurate glitch modeling
Pasin Israsena , S. Summerfield

6.5 CAD tools

A Parameterised Block-level Layout Generation System for CMOS Analog ICs
Patrick B. Wu , Robert J. Mack , Robert E. Massara
An Efficient Placement and Global Routing Algorithm for Hierarchical FPGAs
Jing J. Tang , Ping T. Wang
Genetic Algorithm Optimisation for Evanescent Mode Waveguide Filter Design
Marc Lecouve , Pierre Jarry , Eric Kerherve , Nicolas Boutheiller , François Marc
A Semi-Formal Methodology for the Functional Validation of an Industrial DSP System
Laurent Arditi , Gael Clave
A Novel Approach for Functional Coverage Measurement in HDL
Chien-Nan Liu , Chen-Yi Chang , Jing-Yang Jou , Ming-Chih Lai , Hsing-Ming Juan
Optimization of Sequential Verification by History-Based Dynamic Minimization of BDDs
Rolf Drechsler , Wolfgang Günther
A Routing Technique Using Fuzzy Sets Theory
Masayuki Murakami
Interactive SC Multirate Compiler Applied to Multistage Decimator Design
Ngai Cheong , Rui P. Martins
The CBP Parameter --- A useful Annotation to Aid Block-Diagram Compilers for DSP
Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya , Praveen K. Murthy
A New Faster Sequence Pair Algorithm
Chieh Lin , Domine M. Leenaerts
Parasitic and Mismatch Modeling for Optimal Stack Generation
Xuan Zeng , Mingyuan Li , Wenqing Zhao , Pushan Tang
GLMC: Interconnect Length Estimation by Growth-Limited Multifold Clustering
Atila Alvandpour , Per Larsson-Edefors , Christer Svensson
A Heuristic Technique for System-Level Architecture Generation from Signal-Flow Graph Representations of Analog Systems
Alex Doboli , Nagu R. Dhanwada , Ranga R. Vemuri
On synthetic benchmark generation methods
Peter Verplaetse , Jan Van Campenhout , Dirk Stroobandt
An Intelligent Framework for Designing Analog Circuits Based on Hybrid Reasoning
Farhad Razaghian , Sirus Sadughi , Kambiz Badie
A CAD Environment for Fuzzy Systems HW/SW Mapping
Marco Re , Marcello Salmeri , Gian-Carlo Cardarilli
On Accelerating Slicing Floorplan Design with Boundary Constraints
En-Cheng Liu , Tu-Hsing Lin , Ting-Chi Wang

7 Neural Networks and Systems

7.1 Neural networks

A Novel VC Routing Algorithm Based on Chaotic Neural Networks in ATM Networks
Su B. Zhang , Guo Y. Lv , Ze M. Liu , Zheng Zhou
On Equalization With Maximum Covariance Initialized Cascade-Correlation Learning
Arto E. Kantsila , Mikko Lehtokangas , Jukka P. Saarinen
Automatic Face Recognition System Using Neural Networks
Hazem M. El-Bakry , Mohy A. Abo-Elsoud , Mohamed S. Kamel
An Adaptive Neurofuzzy Network for Identification of the Complicated Nonlinear System
Ying Li , Bendu Bai , Licheng Jiao
Modular Neural Networks for Solving High Complexity Tasks
Hazem M. El-Bakry , Mohy A. Abo-Elsoud , Mohamed S. Kamel
Interval neural networks
Zygmunt A. Garczarczyk
Prediction of Slant Path Rain attenuation Based on Neural Networks
Hongwei Yang , Chen He , Hongwen Zhu , Wentao Song
Fast Modular Neural Nets for Face Detection
Hazem M. El-Bakry , Mohy A. Abo-Elsoud , Mohamed S. Kamel
A 1-D Local Image Velocity Sensor using Gabor Filtering
Kwok Kit Lau , Bertram E. Shi
Feature Windowing-Based for Thai Text-Dependent Speaker Identification Using MLP with Backpropagation Algorithm
Chularat Tanprasert , Sutat Sae-Tang
An Algorithm for Multi-Layer Channel Routing Problem Using Chaotic Neural Networks
Masaya Ohta
An Analog On-chip Learning Circuit arcitecture of the Weight Perturbation Algorithm
Francesco Diotalevi , Maurizio Valle , Gian Marco Bo , Enrico Biglieri , Daniele D. Caviglia
A Current-mode CMOS Loser-take-all with Minimum Function for Neural Computation
Nicolas Donckers , Carlos Dualibe , Michel Verleysen
Local Competitive Signals for an Unsupervised Competitive Neural Network
Ernesto E. Chiarantoni , Giuseppe G. Acciani , Francesco F. Vacca
Pulse mode multilayer neural network based on floating point number representation
Hiroomi Hikawa
On the Composite Squared-Error Algorithm for Neural Networks
Sergio L. Netto , Marcello L. De Campos
CMOS Dynamic Linking Networks for Real-Time Human Face Tracking
Ronald G. Spencer
DOLFIN - Digit Online For Integrating Neural Networks
Andreas Wassatsch , Marc Hasse , Dirk Timmermann
An Analog VLSI Model of Muscle Sarcomeres
Tina A. Hudson , Julian A. Bragg , Edgar A. Brown , David C. Lin , Stephen P. DeWeerth
A Comparative Study of Information Capacity for Biophysical and Silicon Photoreceptors
Pamela A. Abshire , Andreas G. Andreou
Neural identification of failed fuel rods in nuclear reactors
Jose M. Seixas , William Soares-Filho , Marcelo C. Bossan , Zieli D. Thomé , Wagner C. Pereira
Analysis of Quantization Effects on a Digital Hardware Implementation of a Fuzzy ART Neural Network Algorithm
Marc-André Cantin , Yves Blaquičre , Yvon Savaria , Éric Granger , Pierre Lavoie
Hysteresis Neural Networks For Solving Traveling Salesperson Problems
Toshiya Nakaguchi , Kenya Jin'no , Mamoru Tanaka
Current Mode Elementary Motion Perception Neural Cell
Goge V. Shutinoski , Tomislav A. Dzheko , Vancho B. Litovski
Nonlinear blind separation using an RBF network model
Ying Tan , Jun Wang
VLSI Implementation of Gaussian Radial Basis Function Networks
Ismail C. Cevikbas , Arif S. Ogrenci , Gunhan Dundar , Sina Balkir
A New K-Groups Neural Network
Jui C. Yen
Statistical dynamics of associative memory for higher order neural networks
Shuji Yatsuki , Hiromi Miyajima
Current Mode Circuits for Programmable Neural Networks
Krzysztof Wawryn , Andrzej P. Mazurek
Prediction of the Laser Sheet Bending Using Neural Networks
Dragos Vasile , Dan Vasile , Radovan Kovacevic
Robust Encoding by Collective Bursting in Biologically Plausible Neural Networks
Daniel A. Blank , Albert Kern , Ruedi Stoop

7.2 Cellular neural networks

Design of Multilayer Discrete Time Cellular Neural Networks for Image Processing Tasks Based on Genetic Algorithms
Paula Lopez , David L. Vilarińo , Diego Cabello
Exact Realization of Large DT-CNNs on Limited-sized CNN Circuits
Alessandro Marongiu , Valerio Cimagalli
Image Procssing Using Hysteretic Cellular Neural Networks
Radu P. Matei
The Toroidal Neural Networks
Moreno Coli , Paolo Palazzari , Rodolfo Rughi
Design of a Cellular Nonlinear Network for Analogue Simulation of Reaction-Diffusion PDE's
Vincenzo Bonaiuto , Antonio Maffucci , Giovanni Miano , Mario Salerno
Reaction-Diffusion CNN chip. Part1: IC Implementation
Paolo Arena , Marco Branciforte , Giovanni Di Bernardo , Mario Lavorgna , Luigi Occhipinti
Reaction-Diffusion CNN chip. Part II: Applications
Paolo Arena , Marco Branciforte , Giovanni Di Bernardo , Luigi Occhipinti , Mario Lavorgna
A New Board for CNN Stereo Vision Algorithm
Mario Salerno , Fausto Sargeni , Vincenzo Bonaiuto , Sergio Taraglio , Andrea Zanela
On Robustness of Complete Stability for a Class of Cellular Neural Networks
Mauro Di Marco , Mauro Forti , Alberto Tesi
Image Intensity Conversion via Cellular Neural Networks
Toshiya Nakaguchi , Yuichi Tanji , Mamoru Tanaka
A Multiplier-Free Fixed-Task Digital CNN Array for Video Segmentation System
Ari Paasio , Jani Paakkulainen , Jouni A. Isoaho
Building Blocks for Large Annealed Compact Neural Networks
Mika T. Laiho , Ari Paasio , Kari A. Halonen

7.3 Fuzzy logic and circuits

A 5,26 Mflips Programmable Analogue Fuzzy Logic Controller in a Standard CMOS 2.4u Technology
Carlos Dualibe , Paul Jespers , Michel Verleysen
Mixed-Signal VLSI for Neural and Fuzzy Sequential Processors
Jordi Madrenas , Eduard Alarcón , Jordi Cosp , J. Manuel Moreno , Alberto A. Poveda , Joan Cabestany
A Fuzzy Membership Function Circuit in SC Technique
Gianluca Giustolisi , Giuseppe Palmisano , Gaetano Palumbo
Compact modular expandable analog defuzzifers using multiple-input floating-gate transistor transconductance multipliers
Jaime Ramírez-Angulo , Seung-Gul Choi , Djuro Zrilic
Defect Detection in Web Inspection using Fuzzy Fusion of Texture Features
Hossain Hajimowlana , Roberto Muscedere , Graham A. Jullien , James Roberts
CMOS Analog Neurofuzzy Prototype Based on ANFIS
Oliverio Arellano-Cardenas , Heron Molina-Lozano , Jose A. Moreno-Cadenas , Felipe Gomez-Castańeda , Luis M. Flores-Nava

7.4 Learning and intelligent systems

A Novel Genetic Algorithm Based on Immunity
Lei Wang , Licheng Jiao
VHDL-AMS Modeling of Self-organizing Neural Systems
Jose A. Lopez-Alcantud , Tom J. Kazmierski
Focal-Plane On-Line Nonuniformity Correction Using Floating-Gate Adaptation
Marc H. Cohen , Gert Cauwenberghs
Blind Separation for Mixtures of Sub-Gaussian and Super-Gaussian Sources
Bin-Chul Ihm , Dong-Jo Park , Young-Hyun Kwon
Subspace estimation by hierarchical neural PCA: Analog/Digital implementation constraints
Anisoara Paraschiv-Ionescu , Christian Jutten , Gerard Bouvier

8 Power Systems and Industrial Applications

8.1 Sensors

Tool Integrated Electromagnetic Pulse Induction Technology to Locate Buried Utilities
Brian E. Handlon , Steven J. Lorenc , Leonhard Bernold , Gordon K. Lee
A general method for sensor linearization based on neural networks
Nicolas J. Medrano-Marques , Bonifacio Martin-del-Brio
A New CMOS Readout Circuit for Uncooled Bolometric Infrared Focal Plane Arrays
Tsung-Hsin Yu , Chung-Yu Wu , Yung-Chung Chin , Pei-Yen Chen , Fa-Wen Chi , Jiunn-Jye Luo , Cheng-Der Chiang , Ya-Tung Cherng

8.2 Robotics

A Rule-Based Robotic Control Approach to Melt-Blowing for Shaped Fabric Structures
Raoul Farer , Edward Grant , Tushar K. Ghosh , Abdelfattah M. Seyam , Gordon K. Lee

8.3 Banking and security systems

8.4 Micromechatronics

Application of a Novel Battery Charger System to New Developed Piezoelectric Actuator for High Speed Micropositioning Motion
Yi-Cheng Huang , Wen-Yung Liang , Chao-Cheng Lu , Chih-Wen Hsieh

8.5 Power electronics and systems

Power Factor Correction Circuit with ZVT for all Switches
Yefim Berkovich , Adrian Ioinovivi
Sendorless Vector Control of Inductio Motor Using Artificial Neural Network
Hung-Ching Lu , Cheng-Hung Tsai
FPGA-Based IC Design for Inverter with Vector Modulation Technique
Theerayod Wiangtong , Worranart Sangchai , Pichit Lumyong
Class E Isolated dc-dc converter Using PWM Synchronous Rectifier
Itsda Boonyaroonate , Takayuki Fukami , Shinsaku Mori
IC Controller for Phase-Controlled Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps with Closed-Loop Control
Wilson W. Chan , Philip K. Mok , Alex T. Ng , Wing-Hung Ki , Johnny K. Sin
A Novel Voltage-Control Scheme for Low-Voltage DC-DC Converters with Fast Transient Recovery
Hoi Lee , Philip K. Mok , Wing-Hung Ki
Ring Type Switched-Capacitor Transformer and its Applications
Noriaki Hara , Ichirou Oota , Fumio Ueno
A 50-100MHZ 5V TO -5V, 1W Cuk Converter Using Gallium arsenide Power Switches
Mamadou Gaye , Sami Ajram , Jean-Yves Lebas , Romain Kozlowski , Georges Salmer
A Novel Application Of The Fast Simulated Diffusion Algorithm For Dynamical Parameter Identification Of Brushless Motor Drive Systems
Richard A. Guinee , Colin Lyden
Analysis of Soft Synchronous Commutations in Switching Converters
Nicola Femia , Giovanni Spagnuolo , Domenico Cerbasi , Massimo Vitelli
An Efficient Method for Multiple Measurement Placement in Power networks
Bei Gou , Ali Abur
A CMOS Low-Power, High-Speed, Asynchronous Comparator for Synchronous Rectification Applications
Gary B. Levy , Alessandro Piovaccari
Multiple Power Flow Solutions of Small Integrated AC/DC Power Systems
Yunkun Fan , Dagmar Niebur , Chika O. Nwankpa , Harry G. Kwatny , Robert Fischl
Sensorless variable structure speed control of an induction motor
Claudio A. Busada , Gustavo E. Bortolotto
Hybrid Systems View of Power System Modelling
Ian A. Hiskens , M. A. Pai
High Resolution Spectrum estimation Methods for Signal Analysis in Power Electronics and Systems
Tadeusz Lobos , Tomasz Kozina , Zbigniew Leonowicz
Load Estimation in Radial Electric Power Distribution Networks Using Limited Measurements
Jie Wan , Karen N. Miu
A buck-boost converter controlled by periodic inputs
Toshimichi Saito , Hiroyuki Torikai , Yoshikazu Nomoto

9 Special Sessions

9.1 Multimedia over networks

Object-based transcoding for scalable quality of service
Anthony Vetro , Huifang Sun , Yao Wang
Resource Allocation for Audio and Video Streaming over Internet
Ya-Qin Zhang , Qian Zhang
Fast Video Transcoding Architectures for Networked Multimedia Applications
Jeongnam Youn , Jun Xin , Ming-Ting Sun
Video Coding for Internet and Push-Pull Communication
Weiping Li
Principles and Applications of Content-Aware Video Communication
Shih-Fu Chang , Paul Bocheck
Space-Time Diversity for Multimedia Delivery over Wireless Channels
Haitao Zheng , K.J. Ray Liu
Distributed Application Services for Internet Information Portal
Chung-Sheng Li , Brad Topol
Modeling of Dynamic Video Traffic
Deepak S. Turaga , Tsuhan Chen

9.2 Transistor mismatch modelling and callibration

Measurement amd Mismatch-Modelling of Semiconductor Devices in BiCMOS Technology
Helmut Hoeller
Mismatch in photodiode and phototransistor arrays
Zaven K. Kalayjian , Andreas G. Andreou
A Physical Approach to Mismatch Modelling and Parameter Correlations
Jürgen Oehm , Ulrich Grünebaum , Klaus Schumacher
A New Strong Inversion 5-Parameter Transistor Mismatch Model
Teresa Serrano-Gotarredona , Bernabe Linares-Barranco
Calibration and Matching of Floating Gate Devices
Wesley Millard , Zaven K. Kalayjian , Andreas G. Andreou
Floating-Gate Techniques for Assessing Mismatch
Bradley A. Minch

9.3 Design for quality issues for mixed-signal VLSI chips

An Accurate Statistical Yield Model for CMOS Current-steering D/A Converters
Anne Van den Bosch , Michiel Steyaert , Willy Sansen
A Methodology for Mismatch Parameter Extraction and Mismatch Simulation
Teresa Serrano-Gotarredona , Bernabe Linares-Barranco
Fastes: A Tool for a Complete and Efficient Statistical Evaluation of Analog Circuits
Rafael López-Ahumada , Rafael Rodríguez-Macías
Application of a Statistical Design Methodology to Low Voltage Analog MOS Integrated circuits
Tuna B. Tarim , Mohammed Ismail

9.4 CNN Technology

A Smart Vision System-on-a-chip Design Based on Programmable Neural Processor Integrated with Active Pixel Sensor
Wai-Chi Fang
Multidimensional RD-CNNs: a circuit realization
Paolo Arena , Luigi Fortuna , Francesco Giuffre
Binocular Visual Feedback with CNN Sensors
Ziyi Lu , Bertram E. Shi
Brain electrical activity in epilepsy: Characterization of the spatio-temporal dynamics with Cellular Neural Networks based on a corr. dim. anal.
Roland Kunz , Ronald Tetzlaff , Dietrich Wolf
An optical CNN implementation with Stored programmability
Szabolcs Tokes , Laszlo R. Orzo , Csaba Rekeczky , Tamas Roska , Ákos Zarándy
Fuzzy Reasoning for the Design of CNN-based Image Processing Systems
Marco Balsi , Francesco Voci
Analysis and Design of Cellular Neural Networks, Through a Space-time Spectral Approach
Pier P. Civalleri , Marco Gilli
An analogic CNN engine board with the 64x64 analog I/O CNN-UM chip
István Szatmári , Ákos Zarándy , Péter Földesy , László Kék
Implementation of Non­Linear Templates using a Decomposition Technique by a 0.5µm CMOS CNN Universal Chip
G. Linan , Péter Földesy , Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez , S. Espejo
Review of CMOS Implementations of the CNN Universal Machine-Type Visual Microprocessors
Tamas Roska , Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez

9.5 Controlling chaotic dynamical systems

From Floquet exponents to control of chaos in piecewise linear systems
Carles Batlle , Enric Fossas , Gerard Olivar
Chaotic Control of a DC-DC-Converter
Alexander L. Baranovski , Andreas Mögel , Wolfgang J. Schwarz , Oliver Woywode
Controlling Invariant Density: An $l^\infty$ Solution to the Inverse Frobenius-Perron Problem
Erik M. Bollt
An observer point of view on synchronization of discrete-time systems
H.J.C. Huijberts , Henk H. Nijmeijer , Alexander Y. Pogromsky
Chaotifying a continuous-time system by time-delay feedback
Xiao F. Wang , Guanrong Chen , Kim F. Man
Application of the Ogy Method to the Control of Chaotic DC-DC Converters: Theory and Experiments
Roberto Santos Bueno , Jose Luis Rodriguez Marrero
Control Theory Approach to Shadowing and Possible Applications
Maciej J. Ogorzalek , Herve Dedieu
Controlling Switching Systems: A bifurcation approach
Mario Di Bernardo
LMI-Based Sybthesis for Controlling Periodic Solutions in a Class of Non-Linear Systems
Michele Basso , Lorenzo Giovanardi , Alberto Tesi

9.6 New and Novel applications of symbolic analysis in circuit design

Frequency Compensation of Closed-Loop Feedback Amplifier Systems
Eckhard Hennig , Ralf Sommer
Interconnect Layout Macromodelling and Simulation in High Speed Circuits
Nicolas Kauffmann , Agnieszka Konczykowska
Symbolic Techniques applied to Switched-Current ADCs Synthesis
Nuno C. Horta , Maria H. Fino , Joăo C. Goes
An Error-Controlled Methodology for Approximate Hierarchical Symbolic Analysis
Oscar Guerra , Juan D. Rodriguez-Garcia , Francisco V. Fernandez , Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez

9.7 Audio electronics and signal processing

Theory and Implementation of a New Type of Digital Power Amplifiers for Audio Applications
Martin Streitenberger , Helmut Bresch , Wolfgang Mathis
Application of Binaural Processing to Surround Sound Reproduction in Large Spaces
Christian Landone , Mark B Sandler

9.8 Nonlinear analysis in power systems

Real Time Modal Analysis of Power System Oscillations
Takashi Hiyama , Naoto Suzuki
A Numerical Method to Evaluate Bifurcation Aspects around Generator Stability Limit
Yasunori Mitani , Pei-yun Miao , Kiichiro Tsuji
Determination of Installation Location of SMES for Power System Stabilization
Yasuharu Ohsawa , Yoshiro Maruoka , Hiromasa Takeno , Hiroaki Sugihara
Chaotic Behavior of the Newton-Raphson Method with the Optimal Multtiplier for Ill-conditioned Power Systems
Hiroyuki Mori
Complete controllability of power system dynamics
Mingguo Hong , Chen-Ching Liu
Enhanced Visualization of Power System Stability Limits Imposed By Singularity Induced Bifurcations
Saffet Ayasun , Chika O. Nwankpa , Harry G. Kwatny

9.9 Applications and design of power electronic circuits

A General Method for Deriving Output Resistances of Serial Fixed Type Switched-Capacitor Power Supplies
Ichirou Oota , Noriaki Hara , Fumio Ueno
Current-Controlled Current-Source Model for a PWM DC-DC Boost Converters operated in Discontinuos Current Mode
Alberto Reatti , Marian K. Kazimierczuk
Graphical DC Analysis of Three-Phase PWM Converters Using A Complex Transformation
Huang Xu , Jun Chen , Khai K. D. Ngo
On the Use of the Describing Function in Fuzzy Controllers Design for Switching DC-DC Regulators
Spartacus S. Gomariz , Francisco J. Guinjoan , Enric E. Vidal-Idiarte , Luis L. Martinez-Salamero , Alberto A. Poveda
Analysis of Hard Synchronous Commutations in Switching Converters
Nicola Femia , Giovanni Spagnuolo , Massimo Vitelli , Domenico Cerbasi
Decoupled Optimization Technique for Design of Switching Regulators Using Genetic Algorithm
Jun Zhang , Henry S. Chung , Alan W. Lo , Ron S. Hui , Angus K. Wu
Development of a Generalized Switched-Capacitor DC/DC Converter with Bi-directional Power Flow
Henry S. Chung , Adrian Ioinovivi
Analysis and Design of Soft-switching Power Factor Correction Converter
Jaber A. Abu-Qahouq , Huai Wei , Wei Gu , Issa E. Batarseh
Generalized Analysis of Soft-Switching DC-DC Converters
Jaber A. Abu-Qahouq , Issa E. Batarseh
Modeling of Conduction Losses in PWM Converters Operating in Discontinuous Conduction Mode
Guangyong Zhu , Shiguo Luo , Chris Iannello , Issa E. Batarseh

9.10 Mulitidimensional systems - common problems and solutions in circuits and systems

Design of stable 2-D IIR digital filters using iterative semidefinite programming
Wu-Sheng Lu
The Zero Structure of nD Linear Systems
Paul Zaris , Jeffrey Wood , Eric Rogers
Strong Practical Stability for a Class of 2D Linear Systems
Krzysztof Galkowski , Eric Rogers , Artur Gramacki , Jarsolaw Gramacki , David H. Owens
Partial Differential Equation Models for Continuous Multidimensional Systems
Rudolf Rabenstein , Lutz M. Trautmann
System theoretic ideas for construction of nD (n=>2) causal, stable perfect reconstruction filter banks
Sankar Basu

9.11 Applications of MEMS in Circuits and Systems

Single-Capacitor-Single-Contact Active Pixel Sensor
Ralph R. Etienne-Cummings
A Mems Micromagnetic Actuator for Use in a Bionic Interface
Sazzadur R. Chowdhury , Graham A. Jullien , Majid A. Ahmadi , William C. Miller
Optimization of Backside Micromachined CMOS Inductors for RF Applications
Mehmet Ozgur , Mona E. Zaghloul , Michael Gaitan
Integrated RF Sensors for Electronic Warfare Applications
Geoffrey L. Barrows

10 IEEE/MPEG Workshop and Exhibition on MPEG-4

10.1 Encoding optimization algorithms

Multi-Layer LPC Scalable Audio Format
Arouggou Jbira , Ahmet Kondoz
Arbitrarily Shaped Video Opject Coding by Wavelet
Guiwei Xing , Jin Li , Shipeng Li , Ya-qin Zhang
Adaptive QOS Control for MPEG-4 Video Communication over Wireless Channels
Dapeng Wu , Thomas Hou , Ya-Qin Zhang , Wenwu Zhu
MPEG-4 HVXC Encoder Realtime Implementation on Floating Point DSP
Kyeongok Kang , Jin-Woo Hong , Jinwoong Kim , Dae Gwon Jeong
An overview of the Encoding Tools in the MPEG-4 Reference Software
Tihao Chiang , Hung-Ju Lee , Huifang Sun
Probabilistic analysis of MPEG-4 error resilience tools in W-CDMA environments
Doug Y. Suh , Hyunchul C. Kim , Young-Kwon Lim , Myung H. Lee
Optimizing the MPEG-4 encoder - Advanced Diamond Zonal Search
Alexis M. Tourapis , Oscar C. Au , Ming L. Liou , Guobin Shen , Ishfaq Ahmad

10.2 Innovative architectures and designs

Configurable VLSI-Architectures for both Standard DCT and Shape-Adaptive DCT in Future MPEG-4 Circuit Implementations
Thuyen Le , Manfred Glesner
Optimization of an MPEG-4 Decoding Algorithm on a very Long Instruction Word'architecture
Andrea Graziani , Stefano Battista
An Efficient Architecture for Real-time Content-based Arithmetic Coding
Danian Gong , Yun He
A coprocessor architecture implementing the MPEG-4 Visual Core Profile for mobile multimedia applications
Andreas J. Hutter , Georg Diebel , Walter Stechele
A Design of Error Robust Scalable Coder Based on MPEG-4/Audio
Takehiro Moriya , Takeshi Moria , Naoki Iwakami , Akio Jin
A Scalable MPEG-4 Video Codec Architecture for IMT-2000 Multimedia Applications
Masafumi Takahashi , Tsuyoshi Nishikawa , Hideho Arakida , Noriaki Machida , Hideaki Yamamoto , Toshihide Fujiyoshi , Yoko Matsumoto , Osamu Yamagishi , Tatsuo Samata , Atsushi Asano , Toshihiro Terazawa , Kenji Ohmori , Junya Shirakura , Yoshinori Watanabe , Hiroki Nakamura , Shigenobu Minami , Tohru Furuyama
A Co-Processor Architecture for MPEG-4 Main Profile Visual Compositing
Mladen Berekovic , Hans-Joachim Stolberg , Peter Pirsch , Thorsten Selinger , Kai-Immo Wels , Carolina Miro , Anne Lafage , Christoph Heer , Gianni Ghigo
The M-pire MPEG-4 Codec DSP and its Macrobock Engine
Hans-Joachim Stolberg , Mladen Berekovic , Peter Pirsch , Holger Runge , Henning Möller , Johannes Kneip
MPEG-4 AAC Audio Decoding on a 24-Bit Fixed-Point Dual-DSP Architecture
Vladimir Z. Mesarovic , N. D. Hemkumar , Miroslav V. Dokic
An Architecture for MPEG-4 Binary Shape Decoder
Jagan Thinakaran , Duan-Juat Ho , Nam Ling
MPEG-4 Video Bitstream Structure Analysis and Its Parsing Architecture Design
Hao-Chieh Chang , Yung-Chi Chang , Liang-Gee Chen
A System-on-a-chip for MPEG-4 Multimedia Stream Processing and Communication
Eduardo Juarez , Marco Mattavelli , Daniel Mlynek

10.3 Creative applications

A Design of a Streaming System for Interactive Television Broadcast
Jin-young Yang , Yongsuk Kim , Sang-Woo Ahn , Min-Sik Park , Chieteuk Ahn , Jong-Won Seok , Young-Kwon Lim , Kyu Won Lee
ReTrack: An active development environment for structured audio performance and composition
Matt Carter , Marty Alchin
MPEG-Pro, an authoring system for MPEG-4
Souhila Boughoufalah , Jean-Claude Dufourd , Frederic Bouilhaguet
Using MPEG-4 audio for DRM digital narrowband broadcasting
Martin Dietz , Torsten Mlasko
The Communication of Virtual Human Faces using MPEG-4 Tools
Eric D. Petajan
Interactive Broadcast Terminal System Using MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
Yongsuk Kim , Jin-young Yang , Min-Sik Park , Sang-Woo Ahn , Chieteuk Ahn

10.4 Advanced Research Papers

Semiautomatic Video Object Generation Using Multivalued Watershed and Partition Lattice Operators
Daniel Gatica-Perez , Ming-Ting Sun , Chuang Gu
Fine Granularity Scalability in MPEG-4 for Streaming Video
Weiping Li , Fan Ling , Xuemin Chen
Automatic Extraction of Moving Objects Using Multiple Features and Multiple Frames
Jinhui Pan , Shipeng Li , Ya-Qin Zhang
Generic, Scalable and Efficient Shape Coding for Visual Texture Objects in MPEG-4
Shipeng Li , Iraj Sodagar
3D Computational Graceful Degradation
Gauthier P. Lafruit , Lode Nachtergaele , Kristof Denolf , Jan Bormans
Statistical Modelling of the MPEG-4 FlexMux
Ulrich Mayer , Jürgen P. Deicke , Manfred Glesner
HILN - The MPEG-4 Parametric Audio Coding Tools
Heiko Purnhagen , Nikolaus Meine
Automatic Two-layer Video Object Plane Generation Scheme And Its Application to MPEG-4 Video Coding
Kumi Jinzenji , Shigeki Okada , Hiroshi Watanabe , Naoki Kobayashi
Multi-Scale Zerotree Entropy Coding
Iraj Sodagar , Hung-Ju Lee , Paul Hatrack , Bing-Bing Chai
Embedded Image Coding Using Zeroblocks of Subband/Wavelet Coefficients and Context Modeling
Shih-Ta Hsiang , John W. Woods
MPEG-J: Java Application Engine in MPEG-4
Viswanathan Swaminathan , Gerard Fernando

10.5 Other

A Robust and Efficient Scale-Space Based Metric for the Evaluation of MPEG-4 VOP's
Ebroul Izquierdo , Antonio Pinheiro , Mohammed Ghanbari
An Efficient Block-Based Interpreter for MPEG-4 Structured Audio
Giorgio Zoia , Claudio Alberti
Automatic FDP/FAP Generation from an Image Sequence
Jin Woo Kim , Munjae Song , Ig-Jae Kim , Yong-Moo Kwon , Hyoung-Gon Kim , Sang Chul Ahn
A method to reduce number of division operations for perspective texture warping
Jian-Jun Fang , Kathy Moseler , Sami Levi
Interactive Broadcast Digital Television : The OpenTV Platform versus the MPEG-4 Standard Framework
Frederic Bouilhaguet , Jean-Claude Dufourd , Souhila Boughoufalah
Requirements and Constraints in MPEG-4 Binary Shape Decoder at Main Profile
Zhongli He , Jaggie Malla , Mike Danielsen , Sami Levi

10.6 Demonstration/Exhibition

11 Invited Sessions

11.1 Towards nanoelectronics

Tunnel Diode Integrated Circuits
Alan C. Seabaugh
From Nanotechnology to Nanoelectronic Systems, From SETs to Neural Nets
Arthur H. van Roermund , Jaap Hoekstra
Toward Nanoelectronic Systems Integration
Arpad I. Csurgay , Wolfgang Porod
Modeling Nanoelectronic CNN Cells: CMOS, SETs and QCAs
Costa Gerousis , Xiaohui Wang , Geza Toth , Stephen M. Goodnick , Wolfgang Porod , Craig S. Lent , Arpad I. Csurgay
Molecular Nanoelectronics
R. S. Williams , Philip J. Kuekes
Challenge to Off-Roadmap Silicon Devices
Akira Toriumi

11.2 Quantum computation

Quantum Computing: An Introduction
Thomas Beth
Nano-electronic circuits as quantum bits
Yuriy Makhlin , Gerd Schön , Alexander Shnirman
Coherent Modes in artificial Molecules - Possible Definition of Quantum Bits in Coupled Quantum Dots
Robert H. Blick , Heribert Lorenz
Quntum Communication and Entanglement
Harald Weinfurter , Dik Bouwmeester , Matthew Daniell , Thomas Jennewein , Jian-Wei Pan , Christoph Simon , Gregor Weihs , Anton Zeilinger
Methods of Quantum Error Correction
Markus Grassl
Quantum Computing and Quantum Complexity Theory
Umesh V. Vazirani

11.3 Bio-inspired microelectronics

Silicon retina for autofocus
Tobias Delbruck
A Current-mode Spike-based Overrange-subrange Analog-to-digital Converter
Rahul Sarpeshkar , Ruben Herrera , Heemin Y. Yang
Neuromorphic Cochlea Implants
Tor S. Lande , Jan T. Marienborg , Yngvar Berg
Reverse Engineering of the Visual System using Networks of Spiking Neurons
Simon J. Thorpe , Arnaud Delorme , Rufin Van Rullen , Williams Paquier
Towards quantum information with trapped Calcium ions
C. Roos , H. Rohde , S. Gulde , A. B. Mundt , G. Reymond , M. Lederbauer , J. Eschner , F. B. Schmidt-Kaler , D. Leibfried , R. Blatt

11.4 Signal Processing Inspired by Human Sensory System

11.5 Digital Photography

Colour Calibration for Colour Reproduction
Patrick G. Emmel , Roger D. Hersch
The continuing evolution of digital cameras and digital photography systems
Kenneth A. Parulski , Majid Rabbani
Interactive Visual Information Retrieval
Raimondo Schettini , Gianluigi Ciocca , Isabella Gagliardi
Digital Photography - How Long Will It Last ?
Franziska Frey , Sabine Süsstrunk

11.6 Network Calculus

A short tutorial on Network Calculus
Jean-Yves Le Boudec , Patrick Thiran
A short tutorial on Network Calculus II: Min-plus System Theory applied to Communication Networks
Jean-Yves Le Boudec , Patrick Thiran , Sylvia Giordano
Dominating Tails in a Tandem of Queues with Long Range Dependent Arrival and Service Processes
Rajeev Agrawal , Francois Baccelli
A Composable Service Model for Lossy Network Elements
R. L. Cruz , Arvind V. Santhanam
Real-time Calculus for Scheduling Hard Real-Time Systems
Lothar Thiele , Samarjit Chakraborty , Martin Naedele

11.7 Statistical learning and Support Vector Machines

Large Margin Strategies in Machine Learning
Nello Cristianini
Sparse approximation using least squares support vector machines
Johan A.K. Suykens , Lukas Lukas , Joos Vandewalle
Learning from Examples with Spatial-adaptive Wavelet-based Reproducing Kernels
Yi Yu , Wayne Lawton
On Partially Blind Learning Complexity
Joel Ratsaby , Santosh S. Venkatesh
Perspectives from the Informational Complexity of Learning
Partha Niyogi
Monte Carlo Analysis of Resistive Networks Without Apriori Probability Distributions
B. Ross Barmish , Houssain Kettani
Maximum Entropy and Maximum likelihood Criteria for Feature Selection from Multivariate Data
Sankar Basu , Charles A. Micchelli , Peder Olsen
Direct gradient-based reinforcement learning
Jonathan Baxter , Peter L. Bartlett
SVM method for estimating densities, conditional probabilities, and conditional densities
Vladimir Vapnik
Learning With Prior Information
M. Vidyasagar

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